Help teach skepticism to non-skeptics!

Hi bloggites! Christina here.

I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve been organizing and giving skeptical workshops.  Most of the time the workshops are designed to be educational with skeptics as the target audience.

However, I’m working on a new one, Skepticism 101. This workshop will be aimed at non-skeptics. I plan to present it first in St. Louis for the Skeptical Society of St. Louis (I’m the vice-president there), probably in late February, and then take it on the road to other cities.

I need your help!

The admission price for skeptics will be to bring their non-skeptical friends. One, because I want to expose more people to skepticism/critical thinking, and two, because “Skepticism 101” would probably be a pretty boring workshop to people who are already skeptics. I don’t even know why you’d want to go unless you could bring your non-skeptic friends.

My question: what would you want to see in a Skepticism 101 workshop, if you could take your family/friends to one? Do you have any cool ideas for hands-on activities? What concepts would you like to see presented and how?

I’ve already got the workshop mostly written, but am looking to make sure I didn’t miss any ideas. It will last about 2 hours.

Comment away, my minions! I will be forever thankful and will reward you with hugs.

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