Hey all you people on twitter who love the Constitution

Jessica Ahlquist has been nominated for a shorty award.  It takes popular support on twitter to win these things.

I hear she’s pretty popular.  Fly my bees.

Via Randomfactor and Taylor Grenga.

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  • Rob

    Does an RT count?

  • Randomfactor

    And the bill for the city’s foolishness has been filed.


    Is it fair? You can answer that poll question:


    • Rob

      There’s a problem with that question. I don’t think it’s fair. Should probably be more.

      • Mark DeMonbreun

        Punitive damages deserved, but not at the expense of the taxpayer. Punitive damages should come in the form of firing school board members that supported fighting to keep the banner.

  • Mark

    So who is going to fight for the Second Ammendment in schools?

  • Daniel Schealler


  • Mike

    Fly your bees? You mean like on little leashes, like dogs?

    Punctuate, my pedants!

    • David Evans

      Bees don’t do punctuation.

    • Rrr

      Bees pee upon whomever it may concern