I'm Ready to Lock and Load

I’m from a little podunk town called Mountain Home.  However, if you read the history of the town though, you’ll learn that the town first name was “Rapp’s Barren”.  Was there ever a better place for the world’s first zombie outbreak?

Anyway, this week I’m at a cabin in the woods on Notestone Rd. in the boonies of Ohio with August Brunsman (director of Camp Quest Ohio), Amanda Metskas (Executive Director of Camp Quest), and a boat load of other CQ Ohio counselors for the CQ Ohio planning retreat.  We’re surrounded by snow and trees.  It’s still snowing.  Hiking to the nearest place for supplies would be tough.

I will send pictures, mostly of me zombie-proofing the cabin.  I will also provide analysis of who I think is going to make it out alive.

All you guys hang tight and play some Left 4 Dead.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/VeritasKnight VeritasKnight

    If there is a book in the basement…


  • http://speakingupanyway.wordpress.com Allie

    Sure, everyone has a zombie apocalypse plan, but what about a Jurassic Park plan? C’mon, people. Be prepared. (cue Lion King song)

  • stubby

    Since I got a kindle I have read a ridiculous number of zombie books. I am totally prepared for the zombpocalypse.

  • adamshelton

    I’d play a Pokémon game that starts you out in a town called Mountain Home.