Jessica Ahlquist's AMA Vid

Behold: the face of evil.

And the little child shall lead them…

I hope I have as much poise when I grow up.

  •!/VeritasKnight VeritasKnight

    You know, it’s no wonder they lash out at Jessica. 50 years ago, this would be a ridiculous thought. 100 years ago, a nigh-impossible thought.

    A woman, speaking in public? The horror!

    A child, with a responsible legal opinion? Unthinkable!

    An atheist, assuming she is on similar footing? Horrifying!

    Rhode Island isn’t a state that’s had to deal with much in the way of civil rights issues, and that has a way of letting people there think “It’s not a problem here”. Unfortunately…it certainly is.

    Also, JT, any pictures of your zombie traps?

  • lloydcasteel

    This young lady will have my vote if she ever decides to run for a political office, we need more people willing to stand against revisionist that want to change the constitution and the very core of what made this country great.

  • Andora

    “I hope I have as much poise when I grow up.”

    Don’t be ridiculous, JT. You’re never going to grow up. :P

  • Randal

    OWWWWWW!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!! THE EVIL!!!!! but seriously… where’s the “angry atheist” straw man (or in this case, woman) that the christians keep building. If anyone has a right to be completely pissed off, it’s her. Yet she makes calm, rational, reasonable arguments. I would say she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, but she already is. Way to go, Ms. Ahlquist!

  • plutosdad

    Wow, what a great person. She is more mature than me, at over twice her age!

  • anteprepro

    Can’t you just feel the evil? Can’t you? I suppose you would have to, because you certainly can’t see or hear it from her.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    She is one scary, evil person. Just watching that I fully understand why she’s getting all the hate mail. NOT.

    A very courageous and articulate person. I get the impression we may be hearing more of her in the future.

  • Chris


    Some creepy tweets from John De Petro to Jessica at the moment. Is he drunk?

    Also a Senator Beth Moura chipping in.

  • John Phillips, FCD

    That’s a very special young woman and one I would be proud to have as a granddaughter. People like her give me hope for the future and if I live long enough I expect to see her make her mark on society.