Mountain Dew Mice: Week 3

Have a biydo!


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  • BaisBlackfingers

    Huh. Hindsight makes it totally obvious (pickles!), but I totally would not have guessed that the Dew-mouse would be so well preserved.

    Also- they sell these baking soda packs that are designed to increase air flow for your fridge. It might take like 20 of them to cover the inside of that thing, but I think it would help take the edge off the smell if you intend to keep this going much longer.

  • BCPA_Lady (now appearing in MN!)

    Christina: For those of us who are squeamish, would you mind giving a (short) written description of the results thus far? I can’t even start the video without gagging. (Being a sociologist does not prepare one very well for this sort of thing.)