On the Road Again

I’ll be spending all of today driving back to Ohio.  This was the best holiday ever.  I got to spend it with Christina, my brother, my parents, and Michaelyn.  I will miss them all greatly.  The sweeter the taste, the more bitter the end – and all things must end.

On the plus side, I’ll be back to blogging up a storm come Tuesday.

If you live between Arkansas and Columbus and feel like grabbing lunch/dinner, leave a comment.

  • http://carlsagansdanceparty.wordpress.com Steven Olsen

    If you wanna get lunch in Springfield, call me. I’ll put on pants and everything.

  • Tara

    You know you are always welcome to stop by Warrensburg on your way home. Brandon and I miss your face :D

  • SIlent Service


    I live near Dayton in Xenia. Didn’t we meet at the great atheist invasion of the Creation Museum with PZ? I met so many people that weekend I can’t remember then all.

  • Drew Whalen

    I’m in Cincinnati, man. I’d love to grab lunch, if I had money or transportation. -_- Looking forward to your blog storm in the near future!