Open NFL Thread

Ugh, the Chiefs play the Broncos today.  Can they both lose?  Sadly, I need the Broncos to lose for my beloved Raiders, which means for the first time in my life (and hopefully the last) I’m going to wind up cheering (more mumbling in support) for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ashley, Michaelyn, and others will never let me hear the end of this.  Maybe I will switch over to Baltimore vs. Cincy and cheer for Terrell Suggs

Upset pick: Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots.

I partied like a ‘hoss last night (and well into this morning), so I’m going to park my weary ass in front of the TV with my dad today and watch football, so I may be wading about the comments.  Enjoy your New Year’s Day football, heathens!

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  • Stephen

    Sounds a lot like when Michigan and Notre Dame are playing, I want both teams to lose, but in reality, I want the earth to open up and swallow both institutions into oblivion.

    Happy New Year!
    Go Fish!

    • JT Eberhard

      I’m pretty much the same way with any team from Texas. Rooting on the Titans today. :D

  • Nikki

    Maybe you should root for the Bears today so you don’t feel so dirty. :D

    • JT Eberhard

      That would be like taking aspirin for an amputated limb. It would help…but only a little.

  • Michaelyn

    Go Chiefs! Go Bills! Go Jets!

    Are we really cheering for all the same teams today?

    • JT Eberhard

      The Raiders are playing the Chargers. w00t silver and black, right honey? :)

      • Michaelyn

        Oh right. You would. GO CHARGERS!


  • Gordon

    I continue my ironic Saints fandom. I only regret that they are no longer underground. On the plus side, it provides an excellent excuse to bust out the pope hat.

  • feralboy12

    Tebow’s day: 6-for-22, 60 yards and an interception. And we have to watch him at least once more this season, thanks to the Raiders’ loss.
    But the Raiders did bring the single-season record for most penalties back to Oakland, where it belongs.

  • Mr. Lynne

    So much for your upset. For 1 quarter you were a smart man, as long as you disregard the historical evidence of New England’s offense.

    Seriously though, how many times in sports history has the phrase “49 unanswered points” come up?

    History has shown that defense wins championships, so I don’t know how far they’re going to get, but man isn’t it crazy that New England and Green Bay both rank at the bottom of total defense but stand decent chances of getting into the big show?