Realizing Horrors in One Place, but not the Other

It’s a good thing I already take SSRIs, because I need them after reading the news on some days.

The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch said today that 19-year-old Edmund Padilla was left with burns and blisters after his father, Erano, attacked him with boiling water.

Erano Padilla reportedly told police he attacked his son as a result of pent-up feelings experienced when he found out three of his children were gay. He has been charged and detained.

Some Christians will read those three sentences and recoil in horror, and rightly so.  They describe a great deal of unnecessary pain.  What irritates me is that those same people will then go back to worshiping a god who, so the book says (srsly, it does), commanded that gays be killed outright.  None of them will realize the irony.

If you read the bible and you see an action or an edict from god that collides with your notion of “good”, somebody is wrong.  Decide whether it’s you or god and change accordingly.

Unicornbooty hits the nail on the head.

Unfortunately, Edmund will not be protected under UN Convention on the Rights of the Child or The Philippines’ child protection laws because he is 19-years-old. Still, any old don’t boil a man alive laws on the books should do in this particular case.

Thank Sagan there are no longer exceptions to such rules in most civilized countries.

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  • Kaoru Negisa

    Actually, this is something I’ve been going on about for quite some time, but I use it as a teaching tool that’s starting to show some progress. I plan on blogging about it as well in the near future.

    Basically, I use examples like this with believers to show them that they are already not following the tenants of their religion. There’s a bit of a dodge among believers that they can cherry-pick their religion so that it’s not nearly as horrible, disgusting, and cringe-worthy as it actually is (e.g. “well, *that* part is taken out of context,” “It’s a matter of interpretation,” “Obviously we know that’s wrong now,” etc.), but they don’t necessarily put together that when they do that, they’re not even really following their religion any more. As hateful and vile as Rick Santorum is, for example, he’s a model of Catholic belief to the letter, and when my friend who is a devout Catholic complains about Santorum’s statements, I point out to him that really, Santorum has got Catholicism right. It’s my friend who is doing it wrong. And he’s a better person for it.

    This leads me to the ability to ask people, if you’re already not following the tenants of your religion, you’re already making it up as you go along, why retain the trappings? I’ve convinced one person already that they’ve been an atheist all along, and several others to at least question their faith. It’s a great opening for conversation since it doesn’t say, “You’re part of an evil group that does terrible things.” Rather, it says, “You’re obviously a good person not because of your faith, but despite it.” That sends a powerful message to people.

  • Mark

    The point of “the book” is that we all deserve death (Romans 3:23, James 2:10, Romans 6:23). The reason this is horrid to the Christian is because it violates Matthew 7:1-5.

  • Zinc Avenger

    They’re happy to wring their hands and tut reprovingly at a man who scalds his son and causes pain and a lifetime of scarring for the crime of being gay, yet they are happy to believe that a literal eternity of indescribable burning agony is a just punishment meted out by their god for the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    you said it.

    don’t boil people.

    go deep and assess why you are boiling.

    reassess outside influences/rules

  • Anonymous

    well said, Zinc