Results of Mountain Dew Mice Experiment

Here, have a bidyo!

The results of one week of soaking mice in various substances, including Mountan Dew, are in.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Pteryxx

    Still loading the video, but I love the still frame of white-coated Investigator, neat rows of jars, and cat looking them over with “WTF?” expression…

  • Jay

    JT, that picture of you makes you look as insane as you apparently are.

    Love it!

    Do you know that gal who is getting the Mohawk at KU?

    I love that too! When people see the gal with the Mohawk and say, “who the heck is that?” we will gleefully point out, “Oh, that’s the atheist.”

    Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You saps.

  • Giliell, not to be confused with The Borg

    The cat looks like: When are you finally getting the can-opener?

  • LadyBlack

    LOVE the cat lab assistant! Really looks as though they are thinking this is some weird experiment and why are you bothering? In their opinion, the mice were better a week ago, out of the jars and in the cat dish.

    Yes, also glad to see that the mice are still there. If, one week later, you open the box and one or two have escaped….then I’d start to REALLY worry…..

  • dorcheat

    I love the friendly and curious Himalayan cat. I do not think the cat would care to eat the lemon pickled or Mountain Dew pickled mice.

    • LadyBlack

      You never know! More experimentation!!

      Or perhaps not…..

  • Zinc Avenger

    For Science!

    When does Stage II (reanimation) begin?

  • Avicenna

    I always knew that the zombie apocalypse would be because of mountain dew. A most rad drink that in India carries the unnecessarily badass slogan of “Beyond Fear Lies Victory”. I haven’t really tried it until I got here (I assume Mountain Dew is the american equivalent of Irn Bru in that it’s a drink made from unknown substances and isn’t all that well known outside it’s country of origin.) missing out on the most badass slogan of them all which is an indian ripoff of Coca Cola called Thumbs Up which has the slogan “Taste the Thunder”.

    Which is mighty big talk for what effectively is caffeine and sugar…

  • Sarah

    I want to know the results, but don’t’ think I can stomach the video…

  • umlud

    Do the mason jars do a good job of maintaining the partial pressure of dissolved CO2 in them? (I think that it’s the partial pressure that I’m asking after; it has been a while since Chem 101…) I ask because under high partial pressure, the liquid is acidic; diminish the partial pressure you diminish the amount of CO2 in solution, thus diminishing the acidity of the Mountain Dew…

  • J*

    This begs the question, when *is* psychedelic mice time?

  • Irene Delse

    Cat: “Now you’ve ruined these perfectly good mice with Mountain Dew, how about feeding me?” “Moar petting, less mad science!”