Team WWJTD Deploy!

Ok guys.  Jessica Ahlquist is getting some pretty fierce harassment over twitter.

Her twitter is @JessicaAhlquist.  If only a bunch of sharp-toothed, debate-savvy people on twitter were to rush to her defense.

Leave them in metaphorical pieces.

Well, that fight got turned around real fast.  I freaking love all of you.  Stay on ‘em!

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM.

    Team WWJTD Deploy!

    Sorry, I can’t participate. I don’t tweet.

  • Jesse

    Hey! Deploying troops was my idea! Cool that it caught on though. I sent out a mass message to a lot of atheists asking for responses to this:

    It’s about yesterdays case. Please respond, everyone!

  • kevinwells

    It was quite a fun afternoon, indeed! I participated!

  • dfl42

    Red Leader, this is Gold Leader. We’re starting our attack run.