They Should Have Done Better

It’s as though Jephtha, Abraham, and god’s faithful from the old testament have crawled into the 21st century.

Two men have been arrested in central India for allegedly killing a 7-year-old girl and cutting out her liver in a sacrifice to ensure a better harvest, police said on Monday.

This is horrible.  Yes, those men are to blame.  They should have done better.  Their failure was that their gullibility.  They should have realized death does not produce a better harvest.  They should have realized that if god exists, he answers prayer no more reliably than chance.  The evidence is all around them.  They should have done better.

Challenge to Christians (or to anybody squealing “That’s not faith!”): explain to me how this idea survives if not through faith.  Also, explain how faith could ever render it false.  Explain why your faith is not a failure on your part to do better.

You want to do this girl’s memory justice?  Help foster a world where people are ashamed to say faith is grand, and where no self-respecting person would use it as a foundation for belief.

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