Videos From Alabama

Last weekend I gave a hybrid version of my talk Dear Christian in Alabama alongside high school activists Jessica Ahlquist and Duncan Henderson.  I’m so proud of those two…they’ve both shown great tenacity and poise in adverse situations.

The videos of all three talks are below the fold.

  • Donovanable

    First experience with your delivery of the explanation as to how life began: “erm, what? That makes no sense!” (In the not understanding what the heck it meant sense)

    -Interlude in which I read lots of books by biologists and discuss with science-majoring friends-

    Watching this video: “oh hey, that’s a way more succinct explanation that the ones I’ve been hearing!”

    Many thanks :)

  • cag

    JT in the video “I’m imagining you naked right now” (paraphrase).

    My version is – “Ladies and Gentlemen, I need your help. Experts have concluded that imagining your audience naked is a good way to overcome presentation anxiety. I need your help, I have a poor imagination and am short-sighted. So please move closer and remove your clothes.”

    Sir/Ma’am, it’s just a joke. Sir, Sir (Ma’am, Ma’am).