Voices Of Sanity

At the meeting to decide whether or not to appeal, there were some voices of sanity.  Here’s Daniel Ciora.

“You should not appeal this case because you’re unlikely to win an appeal. Nor should you.”


Then the students.

First is Taylor Grenga, who I met at the American Humanist Association’s conference last April.  She has been a key supporter for Jessica since the beginning.  Like Jessica, she is diminutive and quiet.  Also like Jessica, she apparently has a gift for calmly telling a group of hostile people how it is.  Who knew she could be so calm and speak so reasonably in front of a reproving room?

Of course, the same crowd that cheered Chris Young booed her.  The Superintendent, a Catholic, chastises the whole room.  Good on him.

Then Jessica takes the podium and in the same measured tone she always uses provides a reminder that this is an issue of Constitutional legality to an audience who has shown they couldn’t care less what the law says about it.

Taylor and Jessica stared the crowd in the face and did what was right.  That is what bravery looks like.

I want to be like them.

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