When I googled "Abortion"

Christina here…

Late (very late) last night while I was writing up my post on how increased abortion rates associate with restrictive abortion laws, I decided to google “abortion”.

Over on the right, Google gave me a “Map For abortion” for the St. Louis area where I live, which I have screencapped for you here:

Google map with landmarks

A whole map for abortion, awesome! I should totes visit all of these places. Except wait.. no. Not all these landmarks are for abortions.

I labeled them with convenient numbers…

Abortion map with numbers

Here’s What they are for:

1. America’s Future, inc. Center for Integrated Health (Some kind of conservative organization. http://www.americasfuture.net/).
2. Mobil (gas station).
3. Seema World Travel Inc & Seema Enterprises Inc
4. Cotten Alan (a florist?)
5. John Burroughs School (private school)
6. Simon Nathan, MD
7. Slucare-Department of Ob/Gyn
8. Foreclosure & Credit Rescue
9. Abortion Alternatives (pro-life much?)
10. Hunan Wok
11. Hunan Wok (again, and this place has really good food.)
12. Webster Rockhill Ministries
13. Adoption Havan, LLC
14. Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod
15. Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church
16. Birthright Counseling (pro-life much?)
17. Our Lady’s Inn
18. Concordia Publishing House Bookstore
19. Brian Scott McChesney
20. Board of Police Commissioners
21. Sigfried Sidney L
22. St. Louis Beacon
23. North Central Community Health Center
24. Community Response
25. Brennan’s (food)
26. Naral Prochoice Missouri
27. Maryland Medical Group
28. Hope Clinic for Women (pro-life much?)
29. Granite City Mayor’s Office
A. Planned Parenthood.
B. Our Lady’s Inn (again)
C. ThriVe St. Louis (pro-life much?)
D. Birthright Counseling
E. Good Shepherd
F. Planned Parenthood

Clearly, only some of these have anything to do with abortions. Then, I had a thought…

Abortion map with numbers

Ah. It’s clearly not a “Map For abortion” but a “Map of abortion”! Specifically, a map of a one-armed woman having an abortion. See the spread legs of the woman and the little fetus up in the corner?

It’s all so clear now. Thanks Google!

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  • F

    Google, being excellent again. Way to go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ben100 benblanchard

    I love it when google does things like this….
    also this. http://www.inquisitr.com/wp-content/2011/12/the-shire-to-mordor.png

    • http://blackfingerssmithy.wordpress.com/ BaisBlackfingers

      Not sure if more disappointed in lack of effort into making medical services available or horrified at the fact that “abortion” brings up Chinese restaurants…

      Also, @ benblanchard- you might just need to be more specific. I got direction results from google by asking for Bag End to Amon Amarth (alternate name for Mount Doom). Apparently the Shire is in northwest Chicago and Mordor is just on the western shores of Lake Michigan.

      • anne mariehovgaard

        Have you seen “Dumplings”?

  • http://www.cstdbill.com/ Bill

    Hmm…I guess there are no abortions in Lakeshire where I live (just south of the map limits). There is a Mobil station not far from me on South Lindbergh, though, and a Lutheran high school just up 21. I wonder how they got missed?

  • Roving Rockhound, collector of dirt

    You know, Hemant (over at Friendly Atheist) would say that Hunan Wok and Brennan’s are there for one very logical reason. He has to get his babies from somewhere!

  • Randomfactor

    When I see things like this, I have to wonder if someone isn’t deliberately tagging sites with an “abortion” label to make it harder for a woman to find safe, legal abortion if needed.

    It’s not about fairness or rights. It’s about controlling women at any cost, even their unnecessary deaths. They don’t play fair.

  • Joshua Fisher

    Google is just getting a head start on the theocracy. Once Christianity takes over this country abortions will, indeed, be available in back rooms at Mobil gas stations, Hunan Wok restaurants, and who knows what other back alley butcher shops. But God can’t be wrong, so it’s probably better that way.

  • Aliasalpha

    It looks like they cut a large chunk out of her side! This, I presume, is one of the unsafe abortions

  • Mattir

    Now I know why the Oklahoma legislature is considering a bill to make consumption of human fetuses in food illegal. A neighboring state consumes stirfried fetuses. I think I’ll stick to boring vegetarian next year at Skepticon.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty

    I find myself mildly disturbed at the number of food places on that list.

    • Jaime

      Over a million abortions take place every year; almost a third of all pregnncies.

      At least over half of them are of minority babies.

      I mean, if not for Roe v Wade there would be over 20 million more blacks in this country…and you ethically superior and more intelligent ATHEISTS sure would not want that!

      • Forbidden Snowflake

        Yes, Jaime, the people who support all women’s (including black women’s) right to make their own decisions are the ones who think themselves superior. Not the ones who want to restrict their options and make the decision for them.

        You must have worked very hard to achieve your current level of doublethink.

        • http://blackfingerssmithy.wordpress.com/ BaisBlackfingers

          Don’t be silly, Snowflake. Everyone knows that abortions are chosen by lottery, not by the prospective mother. Also that all minority babies are black. Verily, we are defeated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ziztur Christina

    Holy strawman, batman.

    More minority women have abortions because more minority women have unintended pregnancies.

    See? Unlike your number of “20 million blacks” which you did not provide a reference for and I could not find a source for when I tried, I actually provide facts to back up my assertion. Isn’t that swell? http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/gpr/11/3/gpr110302.html

    Unwanted to THEM, I might specify.

    **sarcasm** I know! Let’s solve this problem by taking away their rights. Let’s go even further and allow white women to have abortions but make it illegal for minorities to have abortions. Right? =p **/sarcasm**

  • Bertram Cabot

    Because of abortion, for whatever reason, there are MILLIONS less blacks in this country than there would have been.

    Isn’t that a good thing?

    • Forbidden Snowflake

      Kindly go troll elsewhere.