When I googled "Abortion"

Christina here…

Late (very late) last night while I was writing up my post on how increased abortion rates associate with restrictive abortion laws, I decided to google “abortion”.

Over on the right, Google gave me a “Map For abortion” for the St. Louis area where I live, which I have screencapped for you here:

Google map with landmarks

A whole map for abortion, awesome! I should totes visit all of these places. Except wait.. no. Not all these landmarks are for abortions.

I labeled them with convenient numbers…

Abortion map with numbers

Here’s What they are for:

1. America’s Future, inc. Center for Integrated Health (Some kind of conservative organization. http://www.americasfuture.net/).
2. Mobil (gas station).
3. Seema World Travel Inc & Seema Enterprises Inc
4. Cotten Alan (a florist?)
5. John Burroughs School (private school)
6. Simon Nathan, MD
7. Slucare-Department of Ob/Gyn
8. Foreclosure & Credit Rescue
9. Abortion Alternatives (pro-life much?)
10. Hunan Wok
11. Hunan Wok (again, and this place has really good food.)
12. Webster Rockhill Ministries
13. Adoption Havan, LLC
14. Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod
15. Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church
16. Birthright Counseling (pro-life much?)
17. Our Lady’s Inn
18. Concordia Publishing House Bookstore
19. Brian Scott McChesney
20. Board of Police Commissioners
21. Sigfried Sidney L
22. St. Louis Beacon
23. North Central Community Health Center
24. Community Response
25. Brennan’s (food)
26. Naral Prochoice Missouri
27. Maryland Medical Group
28. Hope Clinic for Women (pro-life much?)
29. Granite City Mayor’s Office
A. Planned Parenthood.
B. Our Lady’s Inn (again)
C. ThriVe St. Louis (pro-life much?)
D. Birthright Counseling
E. Good Shepherd
F. Planned Parenthood

Clearly, only some of these have anything to do with abortions. Then, I had a thought…

Abortion map with numbers

Ah. It’s clearly not a “Map For abortion” but a “Map of abortion”! Specifically, a map of a one-armed woman having an abortion. See the spread legs of the woman and the little fetus up in the corner?

It’s all so clear now. Thanks Google!

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