Wonderful Moments As An Activist

Jessica Ahlquist is still getting some silliness over twitter, and every now and again I’ll take ten seconds to fire back at someone.  Apparently Damon Fowler thinks I’m ok at it.  His facebook status was recently set to…

lol JT is ripping someone a new asshole over Jessica on Twitter. /popcorn

In the comments someone asked who JT was.  Damon responded…

JT Eberhard, level 100 badass of the SSA. He’s one intimidating motherfucker if you believe in sky daddies. He once punched Jesus in the face and it killed God.

Not sure how intimidating I am (big eyes plus chipmunk cheeks doesn’t do much for being intimidating), but it means the world to me that the high school students I’ve worked with think so highly of me.

Damon saw this post on my facebook wall and commented.

JT, going through what I went through, you helped me a lot. I think you were the one that got Jessica in touch with me and that was an amazing thing to have at the time; someone who was going through a similar situation. It made me not feel so alone.

I read your post about Mitzi Quinn a long time ago when everything was still going on and knowing that someone was fighting for me made a world of difference at the time. I wasn’t able to stand up for myself in the face of so much adversity. It meant a lot that you and so many others did. I hold all of you; JT Eberhard, Hemant Mehta, Greta Christina, PZ Myers and so many more in high regard for the work you do. I don’t think many people understand how important what you’re doing is. </serious>

That said, I’d like to point out that JT isn’t afraid of anything. He’s a knife in the side of discrimination and hatred toward the non-religious and doesn’t give a single solitary half of a sliver of a fuck. I hope you keep kicking ass for us. You’re a great guy.

For being so intimidating, I’m doing an awful lot of puddling up at my desk right now…

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