World's First Zombie Infestation!

God dangit!  The nation’s first zombie attack is happening and I’m not there!  The Providence Journal reports

At least 230 people singing “God Bless America” packed the auditorium of the Western Hills Middle School shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday as the School Committee went into executive session to deliberate on whether to appeal a federal judge’s decision to order removal of a prayer banner from Cranston High School West.

Whoops!  That’s just a mindless, irrational mob groaning in unison. 

America is a country where decades of court precedent have made hanging that prayer on a public school wall illegal.  These guys must be singing and praising some other America.

Moments later, the growing crowd joined in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.

Why would they do that for a secular piece of hist….wait, it must be religion that’s the motivation!  But golly guys, that’s illegal.  If it doesn’t have a secular purpose it violates the Lemon test.  Thanks for making the lie that it’s not religious unusable in court (since lying about this burdens the conscience of the faithful so greatly…).

Some of the participants wore placards around their necks that said “Appeal” or “Vote them Out.”

If they appeal this case, they are going to lose.  No question.  It’s a no-win case for them.  Yet here are the believers, the true, true believers wanting to piss away money for education to lose a case on principle (that principle being that America’s the greatest country in the history of ever but to hell with its Constitution).  Such a pity, really.  Education of civics could cure a lot of these people.  Too bad they’re willing to pay for the right to lose a court case with the education of their children.

But it quickly became a boisterous forum where students stood at a microphone and voiced their views — to loud applause and, in one case, boos — about the meaning of a school prayer banner affixed to the wall of the auditorium at Cranston High School West.

I know Jessica spoke, so there are your boos.  One can only wonder where the moderate Christians were, because they weren’t there or, if they were, they weren’t being vocal.

There’s a comment section of the article and I’ll be at work all day.  Go push back.

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