Wrong Answer

I’m following the story of the florists in Rhode Island refusing to deliver to Jessica Ahlquist.  I just can’t imagine what that conversation sounded like…

FFRF:  Hi!  We’re the FFRF!  We do nothing but sue people into oblivion for discriminating against atheists.

Florist:  We’re not going to deliver flowers to this person (on account of her atheist activism).

Wrong answer, florist.

PERSONAL: Sorry to disappoint you, Julian.
It's funny how ambitions change over time.
You guys are wonderful.
Update and pics from #AACon15. MST3K cast members were at my talk.
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  • http://www.illinissa.com Edward Clint

    This makes me feel bad for the FFRF, too. I know, I’ll send Dan Barker some flowers.. wait..

  • http://irrelevantprocess.blogspot.com mxh

    Maybe this is just a scheme to try to get atheists to send each other flowers this Valentine’s Day (since we have no hearts and would otherwise not bother with flowers and love and being romantic).

  • Forbidden Snowflake

    To quote a movie which has become a classic thanks to the public’s low standards:

    Big mistake. Huge.