Bible Man is no match for Lawyer Man

It’s a damn shame that Jessica Ahlquist can’t be in two places at once.  In Jackson County, Alabama, “Bible Man” has been making appearances at elementary schools for decades.  If you listen to the Cranston crowd, what we have here is a secular historical tradition that has been in the school for years and years.

Of course, if you listen to the Constitution and the laws based upon it, what we have is government entanglement with religion so obvious that not even blind justice could miss it.

Well a parent complained to the FFRF who sent the school board a letter asking them to stop breaking the law.  Just like Cranston the mob of true, true believers was out in force providing great quotes for the judge.

Pastor Brad Bridges [said], “We’re here today to make a show, say ‘hey Christianity is in and we love it. And our nation was founded on it.’”

Pastor Brad could benefit from attending a few civics classes at the elementary school.

There was even a state senator in the crowd who was eager to demonstrate that not only Rhode Island politicians are ignorant of the law.

While the complaint before the board cited violations of the constitution, State Senator Shadrack McGill says he doesn’t believe in separation of church and state.

“I don’t believe you keep God out of state. Church represents the body of Christ, Christ being the head of that body. No, I don’t believe in that separation,” said Sen. McGill.

Well, the board made their choice.

Once the board returned from executive session and announced that “Bible Man” would not be taken out of the schools, crowd members stood up and cheered.

Let me tell you what’s about to happen here.

The lawsuit will come.  The plaintiff will be harassed and intimidated not by a few bad apples, but by the entire mob.  Even though it is the school board and the gaggle of believers who place a higher priority on defending something illegal than on educating their children, the plaintiff will be accused of stealing education dollars in a radical lawsuit where the judge will still somehow rule in the plaintiff’s favor (probably because the law is clearly in the plaintiff’s favor).

The mob will then not learn its lesson.  They will demand to throw away more of their children’s educational dollars losing on an appeal (and will accuse the plaintiff of having no regard for their kid’s education).  They will turn their rage to liberals, atheists, the ACLU, the school board (if they don’t appeal), anywhere except to themselves and their ignorance of the law/willingness to break it.  We’ve seen this script unfold in Bastrop, in Cranston, and in plenty of other places, and we will see it here.

At best, religion empowers this kind of foolishness.  At worst it causes people to behave this way.  In neither case is it anything but the enemy of humanity.

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