Dope zebra

My brother sends me an IM with a youtube video.  The following conversation ensues.

Me:  What’s this shit?

Brother:  a fucking zebra watch it

So I did.  And now I give it to you.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    I watched it. I want my minute and 14 seconds back.

  • Melanie

    I needed that laugh! Thanks for sharing JT.

  • Gordon

    I haven’t gotten this be-striped menace out of my heads for weeks.

  • Peter Cranny

    That is so awful that it’s great!

  • GaryU

    It doesn’t look like a real zebra to me. I bet it’s CGI or robots.

    • DrDuran

      It’s CGI Robots! LoL

  • hotshoe

    Cute, very cute. Thanks.

  • mattsmith

    Lurved it!

  • Mare Lacrimarum

    You are like a damn Predator Drone. Cruise along, and all of a sudden, WHAM! Tactical ROFL to the face. :P

  • TerranRich


    This… is…

    This is AWESOME. 8-o

  • F

    This is the shit.

  • celticwulf

    Went all the way to the end of the posted one, and I’m totally looking for a “nope, chuck testa” comment ;)

    • celticwulf

      Found the original…song in the one linked above is WAY better, but the original has chuck testa

  • Allie

    This right here is why I love the internet.

    Also, if anyone here like BBC’s Sherlock, I’m pretty sure there’s a video of Sherlock doing his mind palace thing to this song. In case anyone is as big of a fangirl as I am.