Girl scouts get kicked out of church

Want to know the fastest way to get kicked out of a church of the most loving religion?  By failing to discriminate.

As the Right Wing assault on the Girls Scouts escalates, individual chapters of the group are finding themselves unwelcome by those who object their inclusiveness. The latest insult to these young women comes from St. Timothy Catholic Church in Virginia which, until recently, had been the where several chapters had regularly met.

The Arlington Diocese has said that the pastor of the church did not believe the increasingly open nature of the Girl Scouts was compatible with the mission of the church. In recent years, the Girls Scouts have accepted gay and transgender children into its ranks. They have also provided age appropriate sexual education sometimes in conjunction with Planned Parenthood.

I can’t eat the cookies on most days, but I already ordered ten boxes.  My friends love cookies.

The girl scouts have the right response: it’s their loss.

“We are committed to ensuring that Girl Scouting is available to all girls from St. Timothy’s Catholic School, in Chantilly, VA, This location change presents us with an opportunity to serve not only the girls from St. Timothy’s, but to invite more girls from the area to join Girl Scouts. After all, this is our 100th anniversary year and a great time to be part of Girl Scouting.”

Dear St. Timothy’s: remember that time you thought we needed you?

Good on them.

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When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • We Are Ing

    I have to say…all these stories in the news are great advertising for them. They’ve branded well. I crave peanut butter every time I hear about it.

  • raven

    It’s just an old xian pasttime. The witch hunt.

    They are always hunting witches of some sort or another.

    In the 80′s it was Dungeons and Dragons. Rock and Roll, especially Heavy Metal. Proctor and Gamble whose moon and stars logo proved they were run by satanists. The perennial favorite, the missing children from the milk cartons who were found dead, drained of blood by satanists for their rituals. UFO’s which are real and piloted by demons from hell.

    The witch class is ever changing and ever growing.

    Modern day witches include Planned Parenthood and the girl scouts. And of course, Target stores. Plus the old standbys, scientists especially biologists.

    Stay tuned for the next episode. Name the next witches.

  • unbound

    St. Timothy’s was the 2nd to the last catholic church I used to go to. They weren’t particularly liberal to begin with (the Arlington diocese in general is pretty oppressive), but they seem to be getting worse.

    The entire Arlington diocese (and the local churches under their thumb) was the final straw in turning me away from the church altogether. You could feel the hate towards others that didn’t share a rather morbid adherence to strict traditions. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, every 3 weeks was another complaint for more money.

  • michaeld

    On the off chance you need someone to help dispose of those cookies I offer up my services :P

    Good on the Girl Scouts for not backing down.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    The Girl Scouts are interested in supporting girls the bigots don’t like. The Christian bigots can’t stand for that sort of thing.

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    I’m going to weigh like… 3000 pounds by Summer cause of all the Girl Scout cookies I’m going to order

  • neatospiderplant

    I can’t buy the cookies since I’m in Canada. I’ve always wanted to try them since they seem to come in awesome kinds compared to our “Girl Guide Cookies” (which are chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies in spring, and mint chocolate cookies in fall) and now I want to buy them even more for the support aspect!

    • Richard

      Wait. So you’re saying, in Canada not only do you have BAGGED milk, but you don’t have Girlscout cookies?! HOW DO YOU SURVIVE IN THAT BARREN WASTELAND.

      Though, if I was the GS, I’d open up that market.

      • neatospiderplant

        It’s not that bad at all. We do have milk in cartons and jugs too. Bagged milk is just one of several options. And our girl guide cookies are really good (well, the chocolate/vanilla ones are. The chocolate mint ones are kinda gross) We just don’t have the variety the girl scouts seem to offer.

        And we have the awesomest coffee shop franchise (Tim Horton’s) which makes up for the whole barren wasteland thing.

        • Richard

          Tim Horton’s DOES have decent pastries. Starbucks has better drinks though.

          • neatospiderplant


  • Izzy Leonard

    The cookies are going to be in retail stores in March. CAN NOT WAIT!

  • Dan Hay

    The scary thing is that, for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both, churches often serve as their main source of places to congregate as a troop. Speaking of statistics from the BSA, 68% of all troops are chartered by religious groups (Mormons have the lead w/ 33%) . It’s part of the reason why its become so hard to remove the anti-homosexuality and religion clauses from national scouting. If they allow homosexuals the churches will all pull out and fuck up the entire BSA.

    • unbound

      I think the organizational structure around the two groups (BSA and GS) are notably different. Mormons played a key part in the early years of the BSA, and the BSA has maintained their strong xtian ties. The Girl Scouts never formed such a strong relationship with churches outside of using their space, and in the early 90s even modified their rules to allow the replacement of “God” in their promise with other deities.

    • Laura C.

      Seconding Unbound. Historically speaking, whether it’s race, religion, sexuality, or gender roles, GSUSA has always been much, much more liberal than BSA. I’m pretty sure this stems from how the two organizations were founded – when GSUSA was founded, they were openly defying many assumed gender roles of the time, while BSA was reinforcing them. And as far as religion goes, BSA actually still excludes atheists and agnostics, which I find even more troubling than the fact that most of the meeting places are churches. When you compare that to the fact that GSUSA has provided a patch program in partnership with the Unitarian Universalist church…yeah.

      As things stand right now, to be a Boy Scout, you have to be a straight, theistic cis-male. To be a Girl Scout, you have to be a girl.

      • ‘Tis Himself, OM

        As things stand right now, to be a Boy Scout, you have to be a straight, theistic cis-male. To be a Girl Scout, you have to be a girl.

        You, madam, win one internets.

  • alexandra14c

    FYI, Girl Scout Troops only get $0.50 out of each box of cookies they sell. I always buy a couple of boxes with a $20 and tell them to keep the change. I don’t need the cookies, and they could use the extra cash.

  • Aliasalpha

    Have the girl scouts got a “Pwned bigots” badge? If not, they should

  • WilloNyx

    I haven’t been in the financial position for much of my life to give to causes I deem worthy. Still yet, I had to buy a couple of GSUSA cookies this year. I did so telling the person I bought them from that I specifically wanted to support GSUSA because of their policy of inclusiveness. I live in such a small town that I was worried that she may not know why the organization she was a part of rocked so much. She didn’t actually know, and she was thrilled to learn about it. (I was a little worried she wouldn’t be.) They are really doing something right in this organization.

  • astro

    ” the church did not believe the increasingly open nature of the Girl Scouts was compatible with the mission of the church.”


  • Rory

    I was a Boy Scout for years and even served in the troop leadership after I had aged out, but based on their values, if I was going to get involved with Scouting again, I’d be far more inclined to support the Girl Scouts. I’ve heard there are other, secular scouting groups as well but don’t know as much about them.

  • raven

    ” the church did not believe the increasingly open nature of the Girl Scouts was compatible with the mission of the church.”

    He is pretty much saying the Girl Scouts aren’t bigoted enough.

    This is from the Catholic church, an organization that really has no justification for pretending to occupy the moral high ground lately.

  • stubby

    I wish I could order some online. The closest sale location from me is 40 miles:-(

  • Aquaria


    If you give them your email, they will have the local GSA go to your house so you can place an order.

    • stubby

      I will try that. Thank you:-)