How do you miss this kind of irony?

Saw Rebecca Watson tweet this last night and it made me want to hike to my nearest Mazda dealer just to poop in their parking lot and leave.

Mazda has found a mascot for their new SUV: the Lorax.  Not joking.

Use an icon of environmental preservation and anti-greed to sell a luxury SUV.  Brilliant!

Who told them that was a good idea?  That person needs to be given the Dave Silverman face and demoted to lug nut polisher immediately (unless they secretly hate Mazda).  The only people who are going to get anything out of that commercial are the ones who had LSD for breakfast, and they will be too paranoid to go buy a new SUV.

The CX-5 gets ‘decent’ mileage for a vehicle of its class – ie, a class of vehicles that is too big and too dirty in general – but even still, the idea that a vehicle with a combustion engine would be getting the Lorax seal of approval is simply offensive.

Seriously!  This is like using a cartoon PZ Myers to endorse your local diocese. You’re just going to piss off the people who appreciate the mascot’s message and gain nothing from the people who don’t.

For those who aren’t old enough to remember, watch the Lorax as it was conceived.  It’s worth your time.

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