How you make a difference

I am often asked by those around me why, with the volume of speaking requests I get, I don’t charge money to speak.  The answer’s simple: I’d feel dirty.  I love this cause and I’m still flattered to no end just to be asked to contribute in that way.

So I always enjoy bumping into speakers who share that excitement, and there are several: PZ Myers, Hemant Mehta, Matt Dillahunty.  Hell, Greta Christina and Richard Carrier charge a nominal amount, way less than they could, just to cover for lost work time.

But something happened this weekend that just made me smile.  I was talking to a Reasonfest attendee who said she had missed the part of the first day because she couldn’t afford it…until Darrel Ray, one of the speakers, offered to pay her gas money and put her up in his home.

I love that attitude.  For those of us who get the spotlight at these gigs, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together.  Darrel gets that, and it showed.  It made me proud to know him.

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