Jon Stewart on Virgina abortion bill

Once again, Stewart nails the liars.  Thanks for doing what CNN, MSNBC, and FAUX News have not, sir.

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  • Forbidden Snowflake

    I expected funny, but that actually was some solid journalistic work.

  • niftyatheist

    Why is it only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who are doing any “serious” journalism? Obviously, it is a satirical comedy show, but they are the only public figures raising the difficult questions? What is wrong with journalism today? Why do the major networks and “news” outlets just let this stuff pass, while providing blanket coverage of the latest personal crisis of movie stars?
    What the hell is wrong with the citizens of this country that we stand for it?

    • Aliasalpha

      You could start a large scale protest movement about the vapid distraction that is the modern media, demand less simplistic superficial bullshit and some actual fucking journalism but you know you’d never get on the news about it. Or if you did it’d only be a “10 hottest girls of whatever this protest is” segment

  • Grikmeer

    Could anyone mirror it for us out of the States people?

  • Pteryxx

    Via Mano Singham, tips on watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report in other countries: