Readers Choice awards

The Reader’s Choice finalists for best facebook page are up.  Among them is Atheism Resource’s page.  Atheism Resource is the brainchild of Adam Brown, who is one of the nicest and most charitable activists out there.  I have contributed pieces to his site and have a standing offer to do so in the future whenever I like (and I will).

He puts a lot of work into their facebook page and he has my vote.  Vote your conscience, but let me encourage you to toss some votes their way.  :)

Also, the award for best atheist/agnostic blog features five finalists, two of which are housed here at FtB.  PZ Myers is in first, Greta Christina is trailing him in second place.  Here’s the deal, PZ’s reign has lasted far too long!  It’s time for land-dwellers to reclaim this award!  Vote Greta!  Vote Greta!

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