Reason Rally open thread

The Reason Rally: the biggest atheist event in the history of ever.  It will be a statement to the rest of the country as well as to congress.  The more bodies that are there, the more plangent that statement will ring.

I’ll be there (and will be giving a talk at the American Atheists national conference afterward).  You should be too if you can manage it.  The event will take place at the national mall in Washington DC on March 24th.

The speakers are numerous and high profile, representing women, racial minorities, and yes, even the young with the addition of Jessica Ahlquist last month.

So here’s your open thread for all WWJTD readers who are planning to attend.  Hope to see some of you there!

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • unbound

    Dang. Good area of the country for me, but have to support one of my kids in an event that is already scheduled for that day (kids always come first for me).

    Hope it goes well, and I look forward to the write-ups of the event.

    • Jason CT

      I am attending for my kids..For their future. In hopes that they do not have to fight this fight, at least at this level. In hopes that with each rally, and each voice, we get one step closer to a world that allows science and technology to advance without religious roadblocks. For my kids, and yours..

  • Melanie

    Oh, I wish I was! Hope all attending have fun and I can’t wait for any videos of the speakers.

  • Brandon

    You’d better believe that Tara and I will be there!

  • skeptomom

    Delurking to say that we will be there (me, husband and kids) with bells on! All of us very excited.

  • Kevin Jackson

    Really, really hope to come. Life in a really tough place at the moment and I even have a free airline voucher I could spend.

  • Karen Winter

    Wouldn’t miss it! See ya there!

  • Tara

    Brandon and I are planning on being there along with six others from Warrensburg. We are super excited!!!

  • Kay

    We’re getting a group together to go. I’m sure we’ll get into shenanigans together ;)

  • Ed Brayton

    I’ll be there, as will many of the other FTB gang.

  • TV200

    I am terribly excited about this. Since I have to be in DC every day for work, I will certainly be there, though taking a day off of work for that. I answered the call for volunteers, so hopefully, they will soon figure out what they need help with, and I can plan accordingly.

    I also have 2 grills and an 8,000 sq.ft. parking lot, so, for any early arrivals, I can host some sort of meal on Friday. If there is any interest, let it be known here, so I can figure out what needs to be procured, and let people know where to show up.

  • Laura

    I will!!
    And I will bring you all the hugs you could want!

  • cincinatheist

    I will be making the pilgrimage east from this holy land of Cincinnati to witness this shining event in all of its glory. I’m not sure if I’m a wise man or not, and I won’t be coming by camel, but I will be coming by Rally Bus from Dayton. As I also have no gold, frankincense, or myrrh, the only gift I will be able to offer the birth of this great event is my attendance. I am looking forward to see what wonderful words of wisdom and inspiration are handed down from upon high by Richard, Tim, Jessica, and all of the other deities who will be speaking. ;-)

  • Tr2v

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to attend, but my friends are exceptionally lame and no one else will go. I don’t want to go alone. :(

    • Tr2v

      Adding my email in case someone wants to reply here vs on twitter.

    • cincinatheist

      Alone? Alone? You will have THOUSANDS of friends there. ;-)

    • Slinky’s Human

      I used to think I wouldn’t like to travel by myself. Then I planned a trip to NYC and one by one everyone else backed out. I went anyway and loved it! I still like traveling with friends and family, but by myself I can do exactly what I want when I want. There’s no wasted time rounding anyone up or getting the group to decide. My wife doesn’t mind because we don’t drag each other on junkets the other of us wouldn’t like.

      Give it a try! Besides, as cincinatheist points out, you won’t be along for long.

    • Anonymous

      We’ll see. I don’t think I have the balls to go alone. Plus, I’d like to split the hotel costs with a friend!

    • Ubi Dubium

      I went to TAM9 on my own, but from the minute I got there I wasn’t alone. I was hanging with some of my favorite bloggers, and anybody I randomly struck up a conversation with was interesting to talk to. I expect the rally to be similar. Think of it as thousands of possible friends waiting to meet you. Please come, even if it’s just you.

      My whole family will be at the rally. I’m just trying to decide if I should wear my Pirate Hat.

      • Tr2v

        I realllllllllllly want to. We’ll see.

    • Kem

      Going it alone? And hotel costs are too much? Yeah, same here. This is why I’m booked on the Rally Bus. Get in early, because rates go up as the date approaches!!

  • tanyahiggins

    I’ll be in DC the entire week before with one of my partners celebrating our birthdays, and then my husband will be joining me in time for the rally (probably flying out Wednesday). I’m certainly game for any meet-ups that might be happening between Wednesday and the rally. Also, we’re planning on hitting the Smithsonian Thursday and Friday if anyone would like to join in. :)

    • Tr2v

      If I grow the balls in time, I will have to take you up on this. Can we squeeze in some Project Runway talk, too? :)

  • Ed Brayton

    By the way, I think we’re going to be hosting some sort of FTB meet and greet somewhere near the event. Details are sketchy at this point, but we’ll firm them up.

  • Slinky’s Human

    Hotel booked, transportation booked (Amtrak from Lawrence, KS), excitement building!

    Other meet-ups would be great. I’ll be there from Thursday afternoon through Monday afternoon.

  • sarahm

    I will be there! Leaving from the Cleveland area early on Friday and intend to go to the Pre-Reason Rally Reception at the AHA’s headquarters. So excited!

  • neatospiderplant

    I’m planning on going. It will be my first atheist event AND it falls on the exact day of my 2nd ‘athiestiversary’ (my husband says I’m a huge dork for knowing and remembering the exact day of my deconversion!)

  • ~pickles

    I will be there with around six other members of Idaho Atheists from the Boise area. We will be going to the AA con as well.

  • thedudeinsf

    WOW Cool! I was hoping we would have a chance to meet with others before the event. I to am interested in sharing a hotel room. This is me on FB feel free to chat at me anytime.

  • Larry Mathys

    I’m flying in for the Convention, but my flight doesn’t land until noon or so. If I pack light, is it possible to make it before the rally is over?

    • Ubi Dubium

      Depends on what airport you are flying into. If it’s National, you can hop on the subway to the Mall and still catch a lot of the Rally. If you are flying in to Dulles or BWI, your odds are quite a bit lower, but if you catch a taxi you might still make some of it.

      • Larry Mathys

        Great! I’m flying into National so I’ll plan on making a stop there before heading to the convention hotel.

        Thanks for the info!

  • anthonyallen


    I can’t get a passport in time.

    Which, although true, is really just a convenient excuse.

  • ZeL

    I’m trying to organize a contingent coming from Rolla, Missouri. We’ll be there all right, but what happens when we do get there remains to be seen. Hope to see people at the American Atheists convention afterwards.

  •!/gardenofboyo FredSamBoyo

    Delurking for five seconds to say that I’ll be there! Excited indeed!

  • Donovanable

    I’m going! If anyone in the Chicago area/who is leaving from Chicago wants to contact/meet up, well, you should do it :) I’m taking advantage of the bus and the ssa bus ticket discount.

    • Tr2v

      Actually, If I go, I’ll be coming from that area. I live in WI, but work in the NW ‘burbs. I probably would be flying, though, since the thought of going that far on the road makes me feel like an atheist kid with ADHD that just chugged a quad venti latte and is now stuck in a theology lecture…

    • cccbccc

      Also leaving from Chicago and thinking about whether I can handle that long on a bus!

  • SteMcc

    Hubby and I will be there… SO EXCITED!!!

  • Phledge

    Ugh, I wish I still lived in the Midwest so I could go to events like this. Well, no, I’m glad I’m in Vegas. maybe TAM this year?

  • Brianne Bilyeu

    The Hubby and I will be there from Friday-Wednesday! We’re planning on taking a day or two to see the monuments and a few museums after the rally.

  • Tr2v

    Ok, I booked the hotel.

    If you’re coming and interested in sharing the room, check out Reason Rally Discussion -> Event Discussion -> Hotel Share.

  • Julie

    Bring a group down. This is going to be such fun! Cannot wait!