Reasonfest is coming!

One of the biggest free conferences of the year is coming up this weekend.  Reasonfest will be held on the University of Kansas campus.  Follow yonder link to see the schedule, list of speakers (impressive), and to register.  That last one is important since I’ve been told that several hundred people have registered and, well, there’s only so much space.

For my part, I’ll be doing a debate on Sunday over whether or not Christianity is compatible with science.  My opponent will be KU physics teacher Michael Murray.  The debate will last a little over an hour and will include audience questions.

My lovely girlfriend, Michaelyn, will be getting a mohawk at the event since people donated $1,000 to that fundraiser.  I hear she’s even going to dye the tips razorback red.  :)  *swoon*

Lastly, there is an official hashtag for the even on twitter: #Reasonfest.  If you’re going to be out there this weekend and want to catch me, you can holler at me on there.  :)

Hope to see you in Kansas this weekend!

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