Recap of speaking in Arkansas

This picture pretty much captures how the event with Greta at the University of Arkansas went this weekend.

In theater you quickly identify the performers with which you have great chemistry.  Working with those people is a huge treat because you’re always having so much fun and your performances are always much better for it.  I always feel like I’m at the top of my game whenever I’m working with Greta and will always try to fit in a gig with her.

Occam’s Razors, the SSA affiliate at the University of Arkansas, were fantastic.  Emily, Brad, Camille, Mustafa, Brett, Mitchell, and everybody else involved were very welcoming and extremely fun.  I would definitely return.

On Saturday my family took Michaelyn and Greta to an Arkansas Razorback game.  Greta cheered loud and called the Hogs!

And Michaelyn and I were cute.  Again.

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