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Easiest poll ever.  Sadly, the ease of discerning the right choice is no guarantee that religious people will flock on principle to the one that will cost their children’s education

Should Cranston appeal Judge Lagueux’s decision on the prayer banner at Cranston West?

Yes 76%
No  24%

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  • The Pope

    The school has not spend quite enough money on this just yet. Lawyers on both sides would love an appeal. The matter is quite clear as jurisprudence shows so the result will not change, but at least school funds will be used where they should: in court.

  • imjustred

    Don’t read the comments under the poll. The stupid is pure weapons grade. It made my head asplode. :::wanders off muttering incoherently::::

  • tubi

    The poll’s closed, as far as I can tell. And the comments section is stunningly unaware of the facts. They are claiming that the plaintiff had no standing, because the ACLU was the out-of-state plaintiff and Miss Ahlquist was coerced into acting as their stand-in, or some other such bullshit.

    One person also seems to think that the city should appeal on procedural grounds as above, not necessarily on any constitutional grounds. They report that the city would probably win that, and then they wouldn’t have to pay anything to the ACLU. Their source? The American Center for Law and Justice. That’s all I need to see to know these people are morons.

  • OverlappingMagisteria
    • JT Eberhard


      Thanks. Fixed it in the post.

      We’re making a dent…need to get PZ involved in this.

  • Peter Cranny

    Definitely needs Pharyngulating – I just voted and it’s still nowhere near “correct” – do people really take these bullshit surveys seriously, or is the newspaper just looking for tomorrow’s headline as “Poll shows overwhelming support for prayer banner”

    Just asking.

    • Alverant

      You know, I think they do. My pet theory is that news sites put polls up for the sole purpose of getting confirmation of their views. I’ve heard of some sites taking down or rewording polls ex post facto in order to get the results they want.

  • b00ger

    Wow, I haven’t seen that many references to Hitler or Nazi’s all in one place. According to Godwin’s Law, I think everyone in that comment section loses.

  • Art Vandelay

    I could be off base here but why do we care if they appeal or not? Is it just a concern over the budget in the Cranston school department? Theoretically, wouldn’t them losing an appeal (and they will) just hammer home how wrong they really are and maybe wake up a few people that are still on the fence over this?

    • JT Eberhard

      The quality of lots of kids’ education is on the line.

    • evilDoug

      This one of those polls where, in some ways, I’d be quite happy to give them all the rope they need to hang themselves. Unfortunately, as JT points out, the money is all too likely to come at the expense of the kids’ education. It’s a case of a fool causing someone else to be parted from their money.

      • Art Vandelay

        I think the case can be made that this school committee is so incompetent that as long as they’re in place, the education of these kids is at risk. I guess I’m seeing a scenario where they hang themselves again and proceed to all get destroyed in the next election, thereby opening the door for a competent administration to take over.

        • evilDoug

          Certainly it would be good to get rid of the dimbulbs that forced the case into court instead of recognizing it was hopeless. It would be great if they got a new administration whose priorities were giving top notch education. Sadly, I fear that the board might be replaced with even more foolish people, who get elected solely because they supported an appeal. Losing an appeal, to the tune of many hundreds of thousands of dollars, might cause the ranting public to wise up, but kids are still the ones who pay the price (unless somehow the administration could be held personally liable for malfeasance – but I doubt if that is possible). Ψ.

  • Yellow Thursday

    Voted, then looked at some of the comments. Loved this one:

    On 1/19/12 at 05:16 PM, ChrisYoung2012 wrote:
    This is a quote on Jessica Ahlquist’s twitter page – this seems to be full of hate … it is strange the police refuse to investigate this:

    “Pep rally has everything I love. Ass-kissing Mayor Fung, crappy administration, obnoxious classmates, and bad music.

    9 Nov”

    Gee, that really is full of hate. Couldn’t be more full of hate if she’d called for the mayor’s and administration’s rapes or deaths. :rolleyes:

  • Tynk

    I thought this one was definitely ChrisYoung2012′s winner.

    Darwin’s book was originally titled the”Origin of Species and the Elimination of Undesired Races” Athiests support Darwin, who was a racist that inspired Hitler.

    • Michaelyn

      That one was my favorite!

  • greensage

    I assume that everyone is voting to support an appeal, right? I actually do want to see those yokels lose again. They’ll wish that the $173,000 had been the end of it.

  • Charlie

    “No” is up to 82%.

  • neonsequitur

    Considering that a great deal of the bullying, death threats and other abuse directed at Jessica Ahlquist is coming from her so-called class-mates, I’m not sure it matters if their school goes broke fighting for this lost cause. Whatever sort of “quality education” they’re receiving from Cranston’s school district, if any, appears to be wasted on all those sorry little jerk-wipes.

  • Janee

    I saw a few of the first comments. Gosh, it’s ridiculous.
    Talking about the police looking into one of Jessica’s tweets about all of her “favorite things” because it’s full of hate? Seriously? Talking about “doing a holocaust” and jumping and beating up a teenage girl is okay, but call people obnoxious and it needs to be investigated?
    Or, the atheists killed 6 million Jews and Christians? Please.


    Yes 11%
    No 89%

    now to read the comments for some lols and facepalms…

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    Funny. Chris Young and others are claiming that atheists have rendered the poll worthless because a few sites, particularly reddit, encouraged people to go vote on it. I guess the results could only be considered meaningful if the voting was strictly limited to people that agreed with Young and his ilk.