Super Bowl open thread

I’m going to be spending the whole day with Christina making videos and I’ll be in the air during the game.  Time to ask for an extra pack of peanuts.

I enjoy football so I do usually watch the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl used to be an almost guaranteed blowout in favor of the favored team at the time and, thus, boring.  But in Super Bowl XLII the underdog Giants had a real Rocky-esque moment, played a hell of a game, and won a hell of a game.

That bit of nostalgia alone makes me kind of eager for this game.

So, conversation starters.

1.  Who to root for?

I love the Patriots.  I love Tom Brady, the guy has heart.  But so does Eli Manning and I have a real soft spot in my heart for the underdog in big games (it has been the bane of my NCAA bracket for years).  The Pats are 2.5 point favorite and I think anybody betting would be an absolute fool not to take New England minus the points.  Which means that even though I like the Pats, I must root for Eli Manning and the Giants to pull another upset.

For which team will you be cheering?

2.  American Atheists ad.

There has been much to do about American Atheist’s campaign of public atheism/criticism of faith.  Shock and surprise: I love it.

Well, they’re going  to be at it again during the Super Bowl.

An Atheist civil rights group announced today that it will be flying an airplane banner on Super Bowl Sunday around Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The banner will read “Football beats church anytime –” The banner is scheduled to be in the air from 9:30-11:30 AM local time.

I want believers getting used to the idea that the only place beliefs are safe from criticism is in church.  Outside they get to be made to defend their beliefs or acknowledge that their beliefs are silly.

What do you think of this tactic?

Enjoy the game everyone.  :)

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  •!/VeritasKnight VeritasKnight

    1. The Patriots all the way. As a Canadian, I hardly follow your “football”, so I usually pick the team that is located closest to me geographically to support. The Patriots are good winners. And Tom Brady is awesome.

    2. Good idea. It’ll be fun to watch Fox spin it.

  • Jen

    I agree with the underdog thing, but it’s my undying allegiance to the SEC that usually screws me in March.
    I think the Patriots are the obvious pick, but I will be rooting for Eli because my husband will be rooting for Tom Brady and it’s more fun when we root to cross purposes. Besides, Tom Brady already gets to walk around being Tom Brady…does he really need another Super Bowl ring?

  • Alecthar

    I’m rooting for the Patriots. I’ve always been a fan, and there’s not a team in the NFL that does a better job of disproving (time and again) the tired, nebulous “intangibles” nonsense that sportswriters and ESPN seem to be so deeply in love with. The Patriots are the rational person’s football team.

    To quote Dan Kois of Slate (in their roundtable with Deadspin):

    Surely the only person more annoyed than Christopher Hitchens by suggestions that God Himself was hand-picking NFL winners would be Belichick, America’s most tangible man, who’s spent a career doggedly proving the surprisingly radical argument that superior talent and coaching will usually win a football game.

  • Onshay

    I like to go with the underdog but I’m going with the Pats this year just because I have a friend who is an obnoxious Giants fan.

    As far as the banner goes I think it’s perfect. It does td job letting people know we exist but does do with some humor. Also, I like the quoted piece which referred to it as an Athiest civil rights group. Most would have just said “Athiest group” and been done with it. The printed version is accurate and actually implies that we have a reason for what we do.

  • F

    I’ll be watching the water department fix their previous repair. And watching my cat’s insane expression as she listens to clanging metal and jackhammers. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

  • Trebuchet

    I’m watching mostly for the commercials, which so far (at half time) have been exceedingly forgettable. Mostly seem to be for CGI movies I’ve no interest in ever seeing. One or two decent ones, but no gems like the old Herding Cats one.

  • stubby

    I can’t believe they used The Cult’s Sanctuary to schlep buweiser. Worst. Beer. Evar!

  • Trebuchet

    Well, for once, the game was better than the commercials!

  • Pteryxx

    That was one heck of a game, clean and right down to the wire; I danced during Madonna’s show even though nobody else at the sports bar did; and my count was 18 great commercials to only 6 horrible ones, much better than I was expecting.

    Also, Beckham’s ASS. Wooo, guy candy! ♥