Thanks again

I started at Freethought Blogs in October 2011.  Since that time my monthly traffic has tripled.

I don’t know what to say.  I think a lot of other bloggers are more informative.  I mostly just write about whatever’s on my mind.  I’m beyond flattered that anybody wants to read any of it.

Here are the most popular posts from the last four months by measure of traffic.

Jessica Ahlquist was totally the bad guy

Peter G. Palumbo needs to get some emails and voted out of office

Merry Friendsmas

Flimsyman on polyamory

The last gasps of a desperate man

Adopt me!  Adopt me!

Catholic League took down its contact page

Adventures in polyamory

Hooking up

Sitting next to a missionary

Four questions atheists won’t address

I’m still assembling a list of fan favorite posts as determined by asking you guys.  Got any favorites from the last four months?

Seriously, every time I look at the traffic this blog gets it boggles my mind.  Christina and I love writing here and we both feel very fortunate to get to know so many people.  Hugs and butt slaps all around.


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