The Daily Twitter: Bible is Science

Christina here…

This is a snippet of a much larger, longer, hard to follow Twitter conversation. Enjoy your TDT!


(I sent him links about evolution)


Two days later…

I’m going to go ahead and make one of my rare positive claims. @BibleisScience, you don’t want answers to the questions you ask.

Come here and prove me wrong.

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  • Tara

    Ugh. The ignorance made my head hurt…
    My snakes are insulted by his lack of knowledge regarding their evolution.

  • Art Vandelay

    The snake lost it’s legs around the same time that it lost it’s voice.

  • The Nerd

    He keeps using that word. I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

  • Mriana

    This dude is unbelievably ignorant and on top of it all, he’s stupid because he rejects a real education, in favour of a myth. I never realized someone could be both stupid and ignorant at the same time.

  • emilyhasbooks

    This is the same nonsense Muslims spew, “The Q’uran IS science. Science IS the Q’uran.”

  • guest

    I started to follow you because of the daily twitter. Where do you find those people? Evolution is not science? WTH?(there, I said hell. hell hell hell.)

  • unbound

    Ow. Ow! The stupid, it burns just reading about it. It is so difficult to understand someone asking a question, and, when information is offered to answer the question, the response is to burn it.

    The only word that comes to mind is disingenuous. They don’t really want the discussion…they are just playing at wanting to understand so they don’t appear to be as unwilling to learn as they truly are.

  • JT (Generic)

    Why would it evolve legs? The snake form is in a niche that works for it’s environment/context. Missing legs isn’t affecting it’s ability to survive and reproduce – thus, natural selection won’t favor legs.


    • JT (Generic)

      You could argue that some actually did, though. They’re called lizards. (or vice versa)

      • Petter Häggholm

        “Vice versa” is right, I suppose — the basal condition for squamates (snakes and lizards) is to have legs; they’re tetrapods (phylogenetically). In fact some snakes even have vestigial hindlimbs, notably including boids. In some these are seen only as tiny bones on dissection; in a few species they have been exapted as claspers used during copulation.

        So it’s not that snakes have failed to evolve legs, but rather that they successfully evolved leglessness. (The same has happened in some lizards, such as glass snakes [not actually snakes!] and slowworms, among others.)

    • Rando

      You could always E-mail him a picture of a snake x-ray showing that snakes still have hip bones and arm buds, proving that snakes never lost their legs.

  • davidct

    Among other things he has wrong, is the idea that evolution is goal driven. The most arrogant thing about this person’s ignorance is his refusal to try to learn anything about things he disagrees with. He knows what he knows and uses confirmation bias to continue knowing it. Not only is he restricting his chances for the joy of learning new things, he is encouraging others to share his fate.

  • suzysalaksartok

    I cant tell, is that more or less stupid than ‘If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?’ or is it the new IFWEFAWATSA?

    Or would it kinda go between that and ‘if evolution is true, why hasnt a cat given birth to a dog yet?’

    These people need to stop getting their evolution information from Pokemon.

  • christophburschka

    The idea of printing out a book in order to burn it is kind of cute. :)

    • Zugswang

      Let it never be said that fundamentalists won’t cut off their own nose to spite their face.

      • Zinc Avenger

        They’ll cut of their own, and their childrens’ noses to spite someone else’s face.

  • eric

    “Why hasn’t the snake evolved so it can walk.”

    OMG, he’s right! Therefore Zeus! Um, wait, no, Odin! Wait, no, Vishnu! Great green Arkleseizure! FSM!

    Arguments that support an infinite number of contradictory conclusions don’t impress anyone. Except those who think they already know the conclusion and are looking for some back-justification.

  • Irreverend Bastard

    Well, he seems to be happy in his ignorance. He’s studiously not seeking answers as well.

    May he never breed.