VD sucks

I hate Valentine’s Day.

“But JT, why is the expression of love such a bad thing?”

It’s not, which is why, if you love somebody, you should do it the other 364 days out of the year without needing some arbitrary day that does more for the economy than it does for love.

What’s more, there are a lot of single, lonely people in the world.  If you don’t think a day devoted to all the people who are lucky in love to flounce it about publicly does not affect them then your environmental awareness sucks.  By making one day all about overtly gushing over the person you love, it’s like eating a sandwich in front of somebody who’s starving and screaming about how good it tastes.

“But JT, aren’t you public about your love life?”

Yes, I am.  I write about love on my blog because I’m still learning about it and my blog is how I organize my thoughts.  If you don’t like the content, it’s easy to get away from.  However, Valentine’s Day (hereafter referred to as VD) is not easy to get away from and produces no new learning, just the idea that love is validated only by spending money.

Here’s a quip from Michaelyn’s blog last night:

Get ready to vomit from the cute. While I was getting my hair cut, an audience member asked JT how much it would cost to have him get a mohawk as well. He said $500 thinking it wouldn’t happen. Well…It happened.

He raised $500 for SOMA on the spot, and now we match! This morning, with both of us being sick, we laid around in our pjs all day until I had to take him to the airport. We had cold pizza and oreos, and were all around lazy sloths. It was a great day. I’m including this as a new experience because I’ve never had oreos for breakfast. Sometimes you need a break from the busy world; I’m glad I can have days with JT where we can just hold hands, eat oreos and enjoy each other’s company. We don’t get that a lot because we’re far away, but when we do I love every minute.

If we love someone, we should live every day to make VD superfluous.  Days like the above shouldn’t be special, they should be the norm.

So Michaelyn and I are not celebrating VD.  It’s another day full of affection and work.  Same as always.

Love is great, but VD has nothing to do with it.

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