I want this bird.  I like to think it just read about the defenders of prop 8 losing their ass in court today.

For those of you who don’t know what this song is, it is from one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time.

  • Steven Olsen

    If you don’t twirl a giant sword in the air at the same time it doesn’t count.

    • Clifton Moore

      Or flap your arms and legs like you’re doing jumping jacks.

      …Although I am slightly disappointed that it doesn’t whistle the whole thing. If it did I would make it my life’s mission to own that bird.

  • Marshall

    The perfect thing to accompany the ruling on Prop. 8…

  • Shelley

    One of these days I’ll train my cockatiel to whistle that. He already whistles so it shouldn’t be too hard to train!

  • stubby

    I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yay stubby!

  • Michael

    Im playing XIII-2 as well!! if i recall, theres video of that cockatiel singing the Chocobo theme as well!

  • fastlane

    We trained our cockateil to sing the Emperor’s March from Star Wars. No need to explain that one to anybody. =)