Why do I post about atheism so much?

My father has written another good one.

Some time ago, my good friend Kevin asked “Why do you post about atheism all the time?”

Valid question. I have pondered it at length.  So, for my theist facebook friends, here is why.

Atheists are stigmatized in our culture. A great many people who contribute to that stigmatization do not realize that not only do they know some atheists, but that they have found them to be perfectly acceptable human beings.  Until these good people are made aware of the atheists around them who are indistinguishable from every other good person,they may buy into and promulgate the existing institutionalized stigmatization.

In short, if you know me and like me, then let me inform you I am an atheist, and I am still that very same person whom you knew and liked.  Informing you of my lack of belief does not suddenly outfit me with horns, a forked tail, and a pitchfork. Until we come out of the closet as individual atheists, we will continue to be stigmatized and marginalized as a group.

The second reason is that I am a very strong supporter of the Constitutional separation of church and state which is under nonstop attack by theists.  I suppose I could fight that without declaring my atheism; however, it is simpler to self-identify as one of the groups the Christian Taliban is wanting to use the government to marginalize into second-class citizenry.

Make no mistake:  there is a radical religious right that is determined to turn us into a theocracy.  Their ongoing goal is to use our government as a proselytizing, indoctrination,  and enforcement arm for their narrow minded version of religion.

The third reason is that, frankly, I am annoyed by gullibility, ignorance, stupidity, propaganda, falsehoods, poor logic, and bad arguments.  I am disgusted with people who don’t know  jack shit about science demanding to determine what is taught as science. I am sick of people wanting to force their Iron Age morals onto everyone, despite mountains of studies and evidence that show them to be wrong. I think it is pathetic that people use religion to marginalize entire classes of people based on gender, sexual orientation, and color.

Some other reasons:

In the entire history of Congress, there has only been one avowed atheist, Pete Stark.  We are not represented and will not be represented until we speak out.

Because it took until 1961 for atheists to be guaranteed the right to serve on juries, testify in court, or hold public office in every state in the country.

Because religion is not satisfied with merely existing quietly in the homes and hearts of the faithful.  Its very nature compels the believer to proselytize, preach, promote, convince, convert and prevail.

Because the idea that skepticism and questioning are the same as cynicism, nihilism, and despair.

Because I can, and the only punishment thus far is societal, not legal…..at least for the present.

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