On Contraceptives, Penis Implants, and Wheelchairs.

Christina here…

In my hometown of St. Louis, the owner of O’Brien Industrial Holdings, Frank O’Brien, filed a lawsuit in federal court, alleging the contraception mandate violates his rights.

He’s the first business owner to file suit.

Frank O’Brien, who owns O’Brien Industrial Holdings, said the contraception rule violates his Catholic beliefs, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court today.

O’Brien is represented by the American Center for Law and Justice, a Washington-based pro-life legal group.

Lawyers for the center believe O’Brien’s lawsuit is the first from a private business owner to challenge the federal law.

O’Brien Industrial Holdings has 87 employees who run businesses that produce ceramic materials.

Missouri already requires businesses that provide health insurance to include contraception coverage, but allows for religious exemptions.

This is what these people/business wish to be exempt from providing their employees with:

All Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity.

I don’t think any company, religious or not, should be exempt from covering contraceptives as part of no-cost preventative services for women. Hormonal birth control is not just for women to use to prevent babies – we use it to treat endometriosis and PCOS. That reason alone is enough to tell religious organizations to shove it. If you don’t believe in using birth control, then don’t use it – just like if you don’t believe in taking aspirin for a headache, don’t take it. Or if you don’t believe in preventing cancer (god’s will and all) then don’t prevent it.But don’t prevent other people from preventing it.

Can someone tell me why organizations primarily employing Catholic clerics don’t bat an eyelash at Medicare coverage for penis pumps and Erectile Dysfunction implants? Would not such things go against the sincerely held religious belief that clerics remain celibate and free of sexual thoughts/behaviors? The only purpose of an ED implant is for men who cannot maintain an erection sufficient for sexual performance. Insurance usually covers vasectomies as well – why isn’t anybody complaining about that?

Speaking of which, why is it that Medicare covers penile implants for men who cannot maintain an erection sufficient for sexual performance, but will not cover wheelchairs for use outside the home?


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