A favor from anyone that stole my soul


If any of you happy heathens happened to snap a picture at the Reason Rally of this guy:

I would sure appreciate it if you could upload it to a place such as http://imgur.com, and post the link in the comments. Thanks!


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Campquest in the Midwest
This is why we dont let JT use technology
Also, Lizard people.
Video of debate with Bill Victor.
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  • Joven

    Just made me think of this for some reason.


  • Cassy
  • neatospiderplant
  • Atheist

    “ATHIEST” ? *sigh*
    one would’ve thought we’d know how to spell it right…

  • LadyBlack

    He’s the Athiest of Atheists! That’s what I want to be!! :-)

    Reminds me of a carpet company at my mum’s we used to drive past. They had evidently ordered some new signs, but had not yet erected them proudly above the door. They instead languised outside, propped up against a wall. Possibly because they said “Pheonix Carpets” on them.

  • http://snarkyhumanist.blogspot.com MadScutter


    A proper “Where is he” kind of pic.

  • sophia

    Ask and you shall receive!


  • Kevin

    There’s Waldo!

  • Mandy

    It’s not a great shot, but I was trying to take it Where’s Waldo-esque… :)


  • http://none austin