Atheists: open your mouth and we hate you.

Christina here…

I’ve noticed since the Reason Rally, certain attitudes about atheists are cropping up in news media outlets and blogs.

Not that I’m surprised. It will be a cold day in a nonexistent hell when atheists hold a rally or event and get only positive reactions in the USA.

Now, a lot of news media reported positively on the event – I am sure some other blogger out there has a nice list going – if not, maybe I’ll consider making one.

Here, I found some links for you.

The message: if we meet in groups in public, if we talk about reason, rationality, and occasionally someone urges us to mock that which is worth mocking, we are unreasonable and need to shut our mouths. If we test a communion wafer before and after said wafer is consecrated and find identical chemical content, we’re the crazy ones for not thinking the wafer is now the literal body of Christ. We’re persecuting people if we mock such an unsubstantiated claim. Our passion comes not out of an honest desire for truth, but because secretly we really believe in mythology.

In other words: shut up, atheists.

Also, as JT pointed out to me this morning: “If we all agree, we’re a hive mind.  If we disagree with each other, it’s a sign atheism is crumbling.”

p.s. Got any links like this that I don’t have? Post in the comments and I will update this post.

Update: I approve of the Cuttlefish take on the speakers:

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