"Be Respectful" or: I Critiqued the Sermon Pt. 2.

Christina here…

Yesterday I posted part 1 of my critique of this Ledbetter sermon. You’ll need to read it before you read this, I imagine.

Honestly, I just intended to write a short post on “respecting” religious ideas and how we shouldn’t do that unless they deserve respect on their merit and not on their tenacity. This is because a commenter asked us to respect Pastor Ledbetter.

However, I started listening to the sermon, expecting to pick out a few quotes here and there, to see if I might find something to respect. As it turns out, I have something to say about nearly everything coming out of his mouth. Hence, yesterday I devoted 2500 words to the first five minutes of his sermon, and today I’m going to finish. here we go!

10. “It [evolution] defies our founding documents – our forefathers talked about the creator in the Declaration of Independence – read it!”

DoI – 1776.

Darwin’s Origin of Species – 1856.

Yes, the Declaration of Independence does mention “Creator”, “Nature’s God” and “Divine Providence”. Yet it does not mention, “YAHWEH”, “Jesus” or “Bible”. This “creator” business is furthermore not entirely incompatible with natural selection. We call animals “creatures” yet we do not mean when we say “creature” that they were “created” in the “by a personality” sense. The framers weren’t all atheists, either. They comprised a mixture of Christians with a few deists thrown in. Did the framers just forget to mention how apparently fundamental and inseparable the Bible is from the DoI? These founding documents, with words so precisely, so carefully chosen – must be Christian, despite not making one mention of your Christ? These documents are about as Christian as they are atheist.

11. “May I share a concern with you now… if you’ll study your Bible – when you throw god out as a nation – you see, we’re accountable to god individually and as a nation – and when you do, you begin to incur his judgement. His remedial judgments, and I will submit to you today that we are under five remedial judgments in this country.”

Evidence please. I can’t respect when someone worships a god as evil as this one.

12. “One of them is called plunderers… you know September 11th, 2001? Plunderers attacked our nation.”

… your god sent religious suicide attackers to kill almost 3,000 Americans.

… because of secularism.

…because of neutrality.

People think these ideas deserve respect.

Your supernatural, omnipotent, omnibenevolent diety sent people, persuaded by a slightly different religion, to kill almost 3,000 human beings with airplanes.

Your deity is evil, and I cannot respect any idea which says otherwise.

13. “Are you not concerned with me about the cataclysmic events we see in our nation the last 11 years? Can I share something with you that we’ll always have – a cursed nature because of original sin but the last 11 years the cataclysmic events of this nation have been so devastating and so frequent. I’m concerned that god is speaking to us. When’s the last time you heard of an earthquake hitting Washington D.C. and cracking the Washington Monument, and simultaneously a hurricane goes up through the eastern seaboard and floods New York City then wipes out great portions of Vermont so that whole cities are not even connected anymore by roads. [during hurricane Katrina] I spoke with one lady an she said… god is judging America… we need to get right with god… there was a police officer there and he was in control of crowd control… and he said Katrina came on board the day before Southern Decadence, a festival for seven days in our city. And he had asked the mayor to stop this year after year where people dance and do lewd things right down there the streets… and take their clothes off and kids go around and get filthy…It’s no coincidence that Katrina came on board the day before that began.”

I cannot respect when someone believes and preaches that natural disasters are punishment for a gay pride festival – that’s what Southern Decadence is.

This idea is positively sick. Ledbetter, you are contributing to hatred and bigotry toward homosexuals – for if you believe homosexuality causes hurricanes to rip through cities and destroy homes, families and lives, it’s pretty easy to hate homosexuals. You have not one jot or shred of evidence for your god, and not one jot of evidence that your god punishes people for homosexuality. You are actively causing harm. what kind of evil monster would punish people with natural disasters simply for living in the same area as a gay pride parade? Your supposedly loving god killed 1,464 people as punishment. Children. Infants. This is the best way he can think to tell his creations they are doing it wrong? I can think of a million more humane ways to inform us of the err or our ways.

14. “Financial loss is one of his judgments. One of those judgement is god starts giving a nation over and he gives them over to a reprobate mind. A reprobate mind says this, that it’s okay for a man to marry a man. A woman to marry a woman. Folks, that’s not enlightenment, that’s spiritual darkness. And if we think that we’re going to make same-sex marriage a civil right and god’s going to wink about that and say god bless America, I would invite us to think again. He’s never done it, and I don’t think he ever will. “

The recession is the fault of gay marriage? Is this what you’re saying? Evidence please. I can’t respect people who–yeah, you get the idea.

15. “we need to overturn the shedding of innocent blood in this land. 50 million babies. You know where they all are? All those babies on the crystal sea before god. I can see ’em out there on the sea – coochiecoo! If you shed innocent blood – and we have for 50 years – there’s no nation ever survived that.”

Evidence please. Also, if your god were real, it would be aborting far more babies than women do.

16. “Here’s the good news, god said this: return to me and I’ll return to you. We must have people in office or put people in office that will make law that corresponds with the word of god and the will of god. not political correctness. Not tolerance – it always brews intolerance.”

Yeah, it does brew intolerance. As in, the more we teach tolerance of people who are different from us, the more the pathologically intolerant will raise their shrill voices in opposition as they see the number of people who believe as they do shrinking, the more they will lie and twist the truth – and the more we will see them for the vile creatures they have become.

17. “Let me close by saying, we need you desperately… even if you disagree with me today, let me tell you something – I love you… we’re not going to solve our problems without him. 15 trillion dollars of debt, come on. We need god…. Let us pray… Father we’re thankful for every single American. Every American.. [blah blah blah] Amen.”

Yeah, you are thankful for every American – except the gay ones, and the women who have abortions, and the secularists. Those people cause suicide bombings and hurricanes.

The reason I started writing about this guy was because a commenter said:

Pastor Bill Ledbetter speaks the truth. We should listen to him. If you don’t believe in God, there’s only one other option and it isn’t a good one. At least be respectful in your ignorant comments.

I respect that Bill Ledbetter is a human being. I do not respect his ideas, his religion, his sermon, his political ideas, his desire for theocracy or his god. There is nothing there to respect.

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