Evil in our midst

Mare Lacrimarum, reader/commenter of the site, sent in this touching email and a picture.

Big guys can be Evil Little Things too!  😛

Jessica inspired me to finally come out to my family about who I am.  I am proud to support her future education.

Thanks Jessica!

And thank you too, JT.  Rational voices are heard, even in the middle of Kansas 😀

I’m glad he supports Jessica…but what’s with the tentacles?  If we are ever going to march on Castle Pharyngula, I cannot tolerate disloyalty such as this!

I get lots of emails from people coming out and most describe it as the feeling of letting go of a tremendous weight.  Michaelyn has been reading a book this weekend called The Fault in Our Stars and sending me good quotes from it.  One in particular applies to coming out of the closet as an atheist.

“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” ~ Taxi Driver

Freedom: in the case of religion, it’s trusting your judgment more than the believer’s, who themselves trust a handful of people from a time where magic really was thought to be the answer to many mysteries.  Freedom is the enemy of religion – indeed, in Christianity it’s the only sin for which you can be punished.  But it’s vital for loving yourself.

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