Go mom!

Remember when my mom was in that online contest with the venison dish she made?  I’m pleased to announce that, due to help from all of you, mom miraculously launched into a commanding lead and held onto it through the end.

She is now the proud owner of a ‘Savannah’ Custom Knife, RediEdge Original Sharpener, & Tovar Cerulli’s The Mindful Carnivore.  She was in it for the book (she’s a nerd), but the other stuff is nice too.  :)

Thanks everybody!

  • Carol Eberhard

    I’ll just repeat that…Thanks to all of you who gave me your time and liked my photo. That offer for some home cooked venison is open any time! ***hugs***

    • neatospiderplant


  • trisstock

    Can’t geeks like knives too?

  • Art

    A sweet, and well deserved, sack of booty it is. Congratulations.