Christina here…

I’m a hugslut! If you see me at this coming week in D.C. you have permission to hug – and none of that side hug shit either.

Chris and I are headed to D.C. today!


Christina with arms wide for a hug

Have you hugged an atheist today?


See you at the Reason Rally, the Lobby Day for Secularism, and the American Atheists conference!


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  • The Nerd

    I’m going to hug the heaven out of you! ;)

  • RW Ahrens

    I am going to be at the Reason Rally (even if it rains, which IS predicted, folks, be prepared!) so if an older white guy with a pony tail and a white beard wearing a black western hat approach, don’t panic, its just me!

  • Crimbly

    I won’t be there, but you could easily caption that picture “bring me the little children, I have candy, lovely candy!” :D

    • cognitive dissident

      “…and if the candy isn’t enticing enough, I have several mice marinading in Mountain Dew!”

  • Aquaria

    I never know what to make of people like you. I know people do this, and like it, but when I see super-huggy people in action, I’m thinking–”Ew! How can they stand that?”

    But as long as you don’t hug people willy-nilly, I suppose it’s okay.

    However, for those of you who do hug, willy-nilly…

    ***Rant begins here***

    A lot of touchy-feely people seem to think that everyone is touchy-feely, and forget that there are people out there who are more reserved. Or worse, have every fiber of our Asperger’s shuddering in horror at seeing you coming–or at being touched without any respect for our boundaries or our feelings (and we do have them).

    Worse, it pisses me the fuck off that it’s been drummed into my head by parents, teachers and society in general that it’s not acceptable for me to scream, run from these creeps, squirm to be free, or deck the touchy-feely types when they get their hug freak going. And, yes, I’ve gone to those lengths to get creepy touchy people to get the fuck away from me and for fuck’s sake stop touching me.

    I’m better about not freaking out. Barely. Inside, though, I still want to scream, run, squirm and smack you for pawing at me. Inside, I’m thinking, “Just who the fuck do you think you are?” This is really what’s going through my mind when a lot of people try to–or, horrors!–succeed at pawing me.

    Worse, the creepy touchy people know they can be assholes this way because society nods approvingly at how they’re “sensitive”, “warm” and “affectionate”, and that pisses me off. A lot. How are they sensitive? They can’t even pick up on how I don’t want them touching me!

    I literally get outraged inside at people thinking they’re entitled to touch me, that others think it’s acceptable for them to do it, and, worst of all, that I have to take it or take part in it, lest I be deemed “unnatural”, “cold”, “sociopathic”, and socially unacceptable. It’s not right that I’ve been forced to respect the creepy touchy people’s “nature” and “needs”, while there’s zero respect for my nature and my need not to be touched.

    Being touched against your will this way is disturbingly similar to rape in my estimation, and the creepy touchy people who can’t respect my boundaries are borderline rapists in my book.

    So knock off the obligatory hugging.

    And get your filthy paws off me.

    • Nepenthe

      Yeah, this, only it’s not as big a deal for me. I don’t like how once the arms are open, there’s no way to decline a hug without being considered rude. I love hugging, but not more than a handful of people I’m super close to.

      I don’t even like shaking hands, but I’ve found that if one starts to bow before they stick the hand out it usually puts the kibosh on that. Then declined hand-shaker just figures you watch a lot of Japanese movies.

    • Aliasalpha

      It sort of reminds me of the introvert/extrovert thing, many touchy-feelies can’t grasp the fact that there’s an option other than touchy-feely or rude. Handshakes are particularly creepy for me but it’s faster to suck it up & get them over with than spend 5 minutes explaining that I don’t like doing it but that I’m not being a prick.

  • dfl42


  • neatospiderplant

    Sidehugs are absolutely not cool at an atheist event.

    Front hugs are definitely more atheisty. Hope to get to meet you in Washington.

    • Aliasalpha

      What about back-hugs? Now THAT would be a challenge, back to back & reaching around behind yourself

      • Anne H.

        Seems like that runs a high risk of accidentally grabbing genitals when you reach back…

  • Rando

    Will you be wearing you cat ears?

    I would love to get a hug from an atheist cat girl.