I'm still the meanest

I gave a talk to Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists at the University of Minnesota last night.  I talked about atheism, but worry not!  As fellow FtBer Brianne Bilyeu painstakingly recorded, I remain the meanest atheist of them all.  It was also good to get to see some of my FtB cohorts again like PZ (I shook his hand looking for a place to slip the knife when I lead the charge into Fort Pharyngula in the future) and Brianne (who I knew from before she joined FtB).  I also got to meet Stephanie Zvan for the first time.  She was very sweet.

I love speaking to this group.  They are just all kinds of fun.  I got to say hello to old friends like Amanda, Krisko, Brendan, and Chelsea, and make some new friends like Patrick, Chloe, and Josh.  The Q&A is always great up here as well.

Last year when I spoke at U of M they insisted on giving me an honorarium even though I was attempting to steadfastly refuse.  This year they asked me what I wanted for an honorarium and I told them hugs, so they got me an “honorbearium”.

The TSA is going to love me today.  I’m still the meanest.

He needs a name though.  So far I’ve come up with “Badass the Bear” and “Corruption Bear.”  I feel like you guys could do better.  Help me out?

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