Introducing: your bloggers!

Christina here…

So, maybe you don’t know that THREE people blog here.  JT Eberhard, Myself, and David.

All three of us managed to be in the same place at once, at the Reason Rally and American Atheist’s National Convention.

Please enjoy this picture of us all together, which I can’t stop laughing at:


Photo of JT, Christina and David.

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  • doctorburger

    There is something not right about those people.

  • BibleName

    That picture is the awesome.

  • IslandBrewer

    So, is JT 5′ tall, or is Dr. Burger standing on a box?

    • doctorburger

      JT is a hobbit, easily defeated in basketball by any opposition.

      • JT Eberhard

        I’m a natural sprinter – very dangerous over short distances.

    • Michaelyn

      JT is 5’9″; Dave is just freakishly tall.

  • Juicyheart

    Did you really need to twist JT’ s arm that much for him to pose? Why don’t you want to share you smile JT?

  • Adam

    For some strange reason, I find the height difference amusing. Maybe it’s because I’m short and used to people towering over me. Or maybe I’m just weird.

  • doctorburger

    I clearly did not know what to do with my right hand.

    • F

      free tip: when uncertain as to what to do with one or both hands on these occasions, make like you are going for the photographer.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

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