Justice done

The banner in Cranston is now gone.

The controversial prayer banner has been removed from the wall of Cranston High School West, school officials and the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union announced yesterday afternoon.

The school district has scheduled a press conference at 4 p.m. today to address the issue and to give media outlets a chance to photograph where the banner used to be displayed.

Such a simple thing.  A Constitutional violation that could’ve been rectified without the commotion.  A breach of the law that should have been addressed willingly without their hand being forced, and without two years of torment for the young woman asking that the law of the land be obeyed.

Justice has been done with the banner, but the people who decided to fight to give their religion a place in our government will never be able to give Jessica back the two years of her childhood, not that they would care to.

After the two-year-long fight, the banner is leaving in relative silence.  We’ve moved on, and the social rubric has now been recalibrated slightly more in favor of secularism.

On the article as of this writing there is a lone comment still railing.

It is outrageous that the allegedly “pro bono” ACLU would bring this fanatical secular-cleansing lawsuit, but then seek $173,000 in attorney fees to be paid by taxpayers while posing as a “public interest” (sic) organization. It is further evidence that the self-righteous, social-engineering ACLU has become the Taliban of American liberal secularism.

It’s a scream into the void, the volume of which is swallowed up by the emptiness of the auditorium.  It’s the past, and it echoes less plangent to those of us moving on toward the future – a future where Jessica Ahlquist is deservedly becoming a leader in her own right for this movement.  That is a bright future indeed.

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