Motive guessing at my dad

My father is back to jumping on people in the forums of his local newspaper.  If this happened more often, if there were accountability for saying silly things with conviction, I’d wager we’d see it slow down.


“…what all religions have in common is a choice in belief as well as the possibility of misinterpretation.”

What does this even mean?  That people can choose to believe or to not believe in a particular religion?  Well, duh. It cannot mean that each religion provides for a choice in belief for other religions.  How could that possibly dovetail with the first commandment of the decalogue:  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

He says,

“There are many among our current society that question the presence of God. They justify themselves by citing atrocities, disease, ill will, crime, etc. I personally believe this is an attempt to paint the world in an evil tone so they can feel better about themselves, but as I lack a degree in psychiatry, this is only a layman’s theory.”

Correct…he doesn’t have a degree in psychiatry and his theory is stupid.  Religion/God/gods are hypotheses about how the world works.  As such, those hypotheses are subject to questioning and criticism, just like any other hypothesis about how the world works such as socialism, Communism, Keynesian economic theory, germ theory, heliocentrism, and so on. It isn’t an attempt to “justify themselves”—whatever that means—it is a simple matter of applying logic to a hypothesis to see if the hypothesis makes sense.

Instead of explaining why it makes sense, he attacks the questioner. This is the old tried and true “Kill the messenger” approach to things you don’t like to hear.

He says,

“Natural disasters destroy the lives of many and that is a tragedy for all, but on the same day that disaster strikes for some, there are many others that live to see the end of the day.”

How profound.  Exactly how does that help the lives destroyed?  Isn’t that like saying , “You were mugged and robbed today, but just think about all those who weren’t!”  Big whoopie deal.

I am amazed at how so many bible thumpers come on here and just prattle gibberish.

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