Reason Rally/American Atheists wrap up

What an enjoyable week!  The road trip to DC with Michaelyn was so much fun!  The Reason Rally was amazing.  Some of the speakers sucked, but most of them were really good.  The American Atheists conference was also a hoot!

For me, the best part is always bumping into readers and getting to see old friends again.  I’m talking about the high profile atheists who view themselves as just another atheist in this movement and who don’t hide in the green room away from the people who want to see them.  Here are a list of some old friends who, if you want to invite nice people to speak at your event, you should totally grab.

PZ Myers

PZ is a really old friend…because he’s really old.

In all seriousness though, the guy is a class act.  You’ll never find a nicer person or somebody who takes more time to be with his fans.  Before the rally PZ was out of the green room and wandering the crowd interacting with thousands of people.

Angry faces with PZ

Greta Christina

Simply the nicest, classiest person in the movement.  Period.

Jessica Ahlquist

For all the attention she has received, for all the strength she has shown, she does not view herself as a star.  She is, in fact, humble to a fault.  When you get a lot of attention it is really easy to think that it’s about you, and Jessica has never let that happen.  To her it’s all about the people in this movement.

Jess also won the atheist of the year award from American Atheists.  Who else could’ve won it?

Me and Jessica being evil little things

Sam Singleton

Sam, and his manager Cari, are so sweet, and Sam gives a phenomenal show.  They are so nice that they always have a standing offer to visit/crash with my parents when they’re on the road.

Dan Barker

Genius caliber intellect and pauper caliber humility.  A truly nice person and an atheist of the people who is never afraid to rip into religion in full.

Jen McCreight

The most honest atheist of them all.  Doesn’t care if it may hurt or offend, she cares enough to tell the truth to enemy and friend alike.  Loves her fans and spends tons of time with them.

Jen McCreight saying it how it is

Ed BraytonSuper nice and possibly the best high profile politics blogger in the atheist movement.  He also said

Oh, and Greg Graffin was a very bad choice to sing the national anthem. They should have asked JT to do it. If there’s an atheist who can sing better than him, I’d like to hear them.

So…flattery gets him everywhere with me.  😛

Amanda Knief

Phenomenal lobbyist and sweeter than a sugar cookie.

Dave Silverman

Nobody in this movement is too small to receive Dave’s full attention.

The other most gratifying thing for me was the makeup of the crowd.  It was young.  Young atheists were easily the majority.  There were also women and racial minorities in relatively high quantities.  This, to me, is progress.  The younger generation is where so much of the passion in our movement resides.  We may not have much of the money, but give me a team of young atheists eager to make a difference with elbow grease and I’ll show you how to get shit done.

We lobbied congress too!  During the training Amanda Knief moved me into Michaelyn’s group and referred to us as the gooiest pairing at the event.  The crowd all awwwwwwwwwwwwww’d.  They must not know how angry and fierce I am…The reports of attendance vary, but it was easily enough to convince congress that we’re an important demographic.  I am so proud to be a part of this movement.

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