Rick Crawford wants my dad's support

My father recently received an email from Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford.

As the Supreme Court hears arguments about the constitutionality of Obamacare’s individual mandate, I wanted to make clear that I favor a full scale repeal of the President’s healthcare law.

Obamacare took $575 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund to pay for the costly government takeover of healthcare. Robbing the Medicare Trust Fund to pay for Obamacare is bad policy and it will keep seniors from getting the medical care they need. Obamacare must be replaced with a reform that will make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Click the above video player to hear Congressman Crawford’s thoughts on Obamacare.

My father sent him an email back.

Your  lame tactic of attacking an act legally passed by our duly elected legislators by applying a denigrating label – Obamacare – instead of by its appropriate title – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – is a signpost pointing to either abysmal ignorance or a penchant for stooping to any level, and I am having a hard time deciding which.  Can you help me figure that out?  Thank you.

Also, since the Supreme Court is supposedly above political  input and is deciding purely on the constitutionality of various parts of the Act, what possible significance does your approval or disapproval have?  This e-mail sounds like a pathetic attempt to score points with the gullible and ignorant far right wingers who don’t realize your disapproval as far as the SCOTUS goes is totally irrelevant.

John Eberhard

I love my dad.

On the other hand you, Rick Crawford, have been a very bad boy.  You either don’t know the basics of the way the system works, which means you’re unfit for your job, or you’re aware that your displeasure lacks the power to change anything and you’re willing to mislead your constituents while counting on them to be ignorant (which says a lot about what you think of them), in which case you’re unfit for your job.

Of course, his Republican base won’t mind that he’s dishonest and insulting to them.  They will only care that the word “Republican” has become synonymous with “loves Jesus”.

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