Thanks, Moe

Sometimes I hope I’m wrong.  One of those times was when I decided to be open about my mental illness.  I had hoped that there would not be Christians who would view my condition as an opportunity to snipe at me, as I thought they would, but would find common ground in that we can empathize with the suffering of other human beings.

Repeatedly though, I am disappointed.  This one comes from Moe.

Given some of your comments about Christians, I am seriously starting to wonder if some of your rants are influenced by your mental illness.

Nothing personal, but there is precedent for it.

Nietzsche comes to mind.

Christianity either encourages this kind of callous stupidity or it is useless in making already dense people better.  Either way, people like Moe undermine Christianity’s claim to the moral high ground every day. 

It’s very confusing to Moe, my issues with Christianity.  It cannot be that there is no supporting evidence for it, as I have said repeatedly.  It cannot be that it requires myself and others to sublimate our checks against being gullible to a point we can believe someone rose from the dead.  It’s not the claims of some guy 2,000 years ago suspending the laws of nature to walk on water with absolutely no corroborating evidence.  It cannot be that believing absurd things brings harm to the world we share, as I have said repeatedly.

No, for Moe all that stuff resonates with all the normalcy of a sunny day.  To his eye, someone must be crazy to “rant” about how someone being born from a virgin doesn’t happen.  My motives must be insincere.  To find claims of talking snakes ridiculous, there must be something wrong with my brain.  If I think the rules of the universe are inviolate, it must be on account of my insanity.  To Moe, the problem is not with the myths of a time when “magic” was a suitable explanation for things being believed in an age of science, the problem is with me.

Yes, someone who believes in the contents of a book bursting at the seams with medieval stupidity has found the temerity to say that because my sanity has failed me with food, it must be failing me on the question of people rising from the dead.  “Nothing personal” my ass.  The difference, Moe, is that I’m aware of where my brain is malfunctioning.  I know when I’m delusional and try to work around it.  What worries me is all the people in the world believing ancient nonsense who don’t.

And as for Nietzsche, he is not quoted because he was a paragon of mental health.  We atheists elevate ideas, not people.  He is quoted because crazy or not (and the answer is “not” for most of his life), the things he said often made quite a bit of sense.

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