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Christina here..

Have a TDT, it’s a long one:

















And on and on it went…



I really can’t fathom any good in a religion which states, more or less, “if you say bad words about this part of our religion, you will suffer eternal torment.”

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  • The Lorax

    Why do you bother? Some people just aren’t going to change their minds, and in the end, you gotta realize, your time could be better spent on more important things.

    It’s a noble cause sure, but you can’t change a mind that has already refused to accept change. They need to make that first step. And this person clearly hasn’t.

    • Mr.Kosta

      Just one word: Lurkers.

    • EmuSam

      Taking the long view. Ten years later, one percent of the people we engage won’t hate atheists so much. I’m obviously making up numbers, but it seems every blogger on FTB has some anecdotes about people who came back six months later and agreed with a point. That many together tells me we would probably find a large data set with some significant implications.

      One hundred years further on, atheists will be out, proud, and an accepted plurality, in part because of discussions like this – especially if they are held in the presence of children.

      • Aliasalpha

        I’d like to think that in a century, atheism will be assumed as default and that people will be saying “Of course I don’t believe in magic! What do you think this is, turn of the millennium america??”

    • broken.cynic

      Also, some of us follow Christina and are terribly amused by these exchanges (and a bit impressed, I couldn’t keep them up for so long without either raging or ragequitting.)

    • N. Nescio

      It’s a valuable pursuit because people who say things like “They plan to dominate and will turn God’s wrath against us.” and genuinely believe it need to be called out on it. People need to speak up and ask that they actually substantiate their claims.

      Actually replying to this stupid nonsense creates an environment when such absurd claims are not permitted to go unchallenged.

    • Raamo

      I used to be a christian. It is precisely because people kept pointing out my faith’s logical contradictions that I am an atheist today. Don’t get me wrong, I resisted for years. I said things far more vile that what this twit said. In the end, however, every time I went looking up data to refute atheism I only ended up refuting my own beliefs.

      Fight the good fight, you are affecting more positive change than you realize.

  • Zinc Avenger

    Wait… Is this not just hyperbole but their literal understanding of evolution? That we’re saying their great grandfather was an ape? And that species jump to different immutable species between generations? That would also explain their bizarre assertion that evolution claims that a cat should give birth to a dog, or that apes should put on a business suit and become humans.

    If that’s the case then their mockery is understandable, and sad considering they’re tilting against such badly built strawmen.

    • wilsim


      But consider that the believers already believe in a form of super-evolution. Noah and his ark… and the 2 of each “kind” of animal. How they believe those “kinds” spread out across the Earth after the flood, and diversified into all the disparate species we have nowadays. Such as all the different versions of goats, sheep, chickens, etc etc etc.

    • TV200

      Hey, if the world is less than 10,000 years old, evolution has gotta happen extra quick.

      • Rando

        No, no, you have to understand that’s where genetic “INFORMATION” comes into play. It’s not superevolution, when a new species diverges from one of the “KINDS,” it’s a loss of genetic “INFORMATION” that causes it.

        Here’s how it works, before the flood Noah gathered up two of every “CLEAN KIND” and five more of every “UNCLEAN KIND,” and after the flood these seven “KINDS” began to mate and as the “KINDS” produced offspring they lost genetic “INFORMATION” and became new species. That explains away the genetic bottle neck, that should exist, because the original “CLEAN KINDS” were the only ones with the most genetic “INFORMATION.” These “KINDS” have long since died off, and now the animals no longer have the massive amount of genetic “INFORMATION” they used to.

        At least that’s how I understand how genetic “INFORMATION” works, it’s hard to get a good bead on how genetic “INFORMATION” works because creationists never define what genetic “INFORMATION” is, or how to define what a “KIND” is.

  • Mr.Kosta

    Funny how he seems to believe we can somehow “choose” our ancestors. If that were true, I’d have chosen to be born in the British Royal Family or something.

    What an idiot, really.

    • Lou Doench

      Screw the House of Windsor, I wanna be a Barrymore then.

  • Anri

    For further discussion, I would ask them about their adherence to god’s law when it comes to eating shellfish, or wearing clothing composed of more than one fiber. Or, alternately, how careful they are to follow biblical law when it comes to children that disobey their parents.

    If you preface this line of discourse with a question along the lines of ‘what parts of god’s law do you disagree with?’ you typically get to watch epic squirming.

    • kagekiri

      I used to get out of it by just thinking that humans were utter horribleness and fully tainted, so God letting (or commanding/doing) horrible things happen was just desserts. And the Old Testament laws, though horrible and strict, were less than we deserved in strictness, though the New Testament does say they’re less relevant and no longer binding (which is the part a lot of Christians will use to defend not worrying about Old Testament stuff).

      Basically, you can believe in God’s justice if you think you deserve eternal suffering. It’s kind of a self-hating Christian nihilism that allowed me to hold that sovereign God was good despite allowing horrible things to happen. I don’t think this is too common, but I also don’t think many Christians are carrying all of their beliefs to their logical destinations.

      • Jarreg

        Yeah I got into an argument with one of them the other day who insisted the Old Testament laws were no longer binding. He used one of Paul’s letters, Ephesians if I recall correctly. I mentioned that Jesus himself flatly contradicted what Paul said. I asked him what made Paul so important that he gets to overrule Jesus. He continued to insist that Paul was speaking under the direction of the Holy Spirit and, therefore, wasn’t just some guy talking. It was basically God saying so. He never seemed able to wrap his head around the idea that if Jesus was God talking and Paul was God talking then God couldn’t be right in both cases. He was either lying through Paul or lying through Jesus. Needless to say we went in circles for a while.

  • Randomfactor

    The unforgiveable sin.

    Laying “Avada Kedavra” on the Holy Spook.

  • IslandBrewer

    You sold your soul? AWESOME!

    How much did you get?

    I been looking for some quick cash, and got one hot soul burning a hole in my, er, pocket?

    • Makoto

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      • Aliasalpha

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  • jnorris

    I noticed when Not Blind was challenged to show evidence for her/his god, NB went off topic. Did NB ever show any evidence or proof for that god?

    • Rando

      I can tell you the answer to that and I don’t even need to see the Twitter feed. He showed NO EVIDENCE, at least none that would count as evidence. They always show the same evidence unsubstantiated bible quotes, emotional pleas, and the big one in their arsenal, FAITH. I often find myself agape at just how often they demand so much evidence for Evolution or the Big Bang, but faith is good enough for god.You can even point out this double standard to them and it just goes right over their heads. And they wonder why we’re so angry, I keep telling them that, I’m not angry, I’m frustrated that you won’t listen to reason.

      Oh, and let’s not forget when ALL their “evidence” fails, they turn to threats of hell. Like threatening us with a place we don’t think exists is any kind of reason to suddenly turn to their god.

    • N. Nescio

      I wish she had called him out and kept pressing on it. It’s like some of these people have a non-sequitur instinct as soon as they realize they’re up against a wall.

  • kagekiri

    The only attempted defense of the unforgiveable sin that I’ve heard was a sermon that said it was basically unforgiveable because a person who blasphemed the Holy Spirit was beyond the point of being open to being saved. They were seeing perfect good actions as evil, so they’re just beyond help.

    Of course, this doesn’t really explain why blaspheming God the Father or Jesus is different and acceptable…if you blaspheme Jesus, aren’t you rejecting salvation too? It’s not really consistent with the idea of the Trinity, either…maybe you could BS stuff like saying “the Holy Spirit is special since he’s God’s acting third (or something), so rejecting it is to reject God’s actions in your life”.

  • buttercup

    I can’t help it. Every time I see that twitter handle I see “1 inch rist”. And I giggle like a 12 year old.

    • Tyler

      I know rite?!
      It’s like a pendent with an empty cage on one side and a bird on the other. My brain keeps reading “One Inch Christ”.

      …so do I start a band or a tumblr?

  • stubby

    That special blend of arrogance and ignorance theists so often show is incredibly frustrating to deal with.

    • Rando

      Hi, welcome to “The Wall” feel free to bash you head into it all day long. “The Wall” will never dent, never bend, and never fall, because it was not built with rationality, but rather with emotional pleas. That’s why we can never break them, intelligence, science, and rationality all bounce off this wall. This wall is built around their god belief and can never be penetrated, and that wall’s name is: FAITH. FAITH is the thing that lets them continue to use such faulty logic.

      “God” is the creator of the universe! How do you know that? FAITH
      The bible is true! How do you know that? FAITH
      God’s morality is perfect! How do you know that? FAITH

      The only thing we can do is try to convince them that their FAITH is nothing but pure unadulterated gullibility, and maybe, just maybe, we can penetrate this wall…

      But until then feel free to keep on bashing your head into that wall, I do it all the time and I don’t mind doing again, and again, and again….so on and so forth.

      • Jarreg

        My wall cracked, dented, eroded and eventually fell, just as did the walls of nearly every former believer I know. If you expect one person or one argument to tear down the walls of faith then you will be disappointed. My wall wasn’t built on rationality either but rationality helped destroy it. It didn’t do it alone but it wouldn’t have come down without it. Next time you are in a room full of former believers, ask them if rational arguments played a role in their walls coming down. The idea that beliefs not built on a foundation of rationality can’t be affected by it may be a good sound byte but it just isn’t necessarily true.

        • Rando

          You’re right, it’s never one single argument that brings the wall of FAITH down. Usually it’s never even an argument that the Atheist made, usually what brings the wall down is DOUBT. Doubt that maybe their logic is not as strong as they think,then they start to seriously consider our arguments, maybe even read our books. Soon that doubt leads to a crack in the wall, and after that all it takes is a little poking and a lot of patience to make the wall fall.

          That’s why I’ve always relied on asking the religious what is the source of their faith? Why do they have it? Why did they start to believe in the first place? You have to first make them question the very foundation of their belief, FAITH. After the crack of Doubt is born, the wall usually falls pretty easily.

          • Jarreg


          • N. Nescio

            Thirded. That wall erodes with sufficient exposure to reason and evidence and good argument. It sure isn’t as solid as it looks.