The Daily Twitter: Ellen's homosexual agenda

Christina here…

I shouldn’t have added “homosexual agenda” as a column on Tweetdeck. Here’s a TDT:




My second tweet got no response. Cryin’ shame.

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Republican lawmaker argues same-sex marriage is the root cause of Baltimore riots.
Huckabee says SCOTUS can't overrule god on same-sex marriage.
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On bigots becoming the minority.
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  • JT (Generic)

    How symbolic.

    People have beliefs but don’t really know why they have the beliefs.

  • Jon H

    The best thing about this whole argument is that you’re having it with a user named “bigblackcaulk.”

  • Rando

    Ahh, yes, the “Faux News” argument, when in doubt call it a “blank” agenda. Fill that blank with whatever your prejudice currently is.
    Got a problem with homosexuals? It’s cause of their Homosexual Agenda.
    Got a problem with Atheists trying to keep the government secular?
    It’s cause of their Secularist Agenda.
    Got a problem with democrats trying to prevent global warming? It’s cause of their Liberal Agenda.

    Everything conservatives don’t like is caused by someone’s agenda, Feminist, Socialist, Environmentalist, and even Darwinist, everyone trying to make this country fairer, secular, or healthier has an agenda.

    And don’t you dare call that a paranoid conspiracy theory! That’s your Intelligent Agenda!

    • Aliasalpha

      Sounds like you have a problem with the Miscellaneous Variable Agenda

  • Lou Doench

    I gotta say, the Right Wing Echo Chamber missed the ball on the Ellen story. They should have just let that one lie…because it’s hard to demonize someone who is essentially the wacky aunt for an entire nation. Sure you can e-mail your grandma about how Ellen is the vanguard of the Homosexual Agenda, but the next message down is a link from someone in her quilting bee of Ellen falling out of her Hawaii Chair with Rob Lowe. Ellen is just too damn fun to hate.

  • Yoritomo

    The question about governments forcing religions is good. But the other half of bigblackcaulk’s claim needs to be questioned too: How does Ellen DeGeneres force governments to do her bidding?

    (And the answer is … secret mind control rays! Always wear your tin foil hat to be safe!)